Saturday, September 15, 2007

Conversation from the car while garage sale-ing...

Tejan came along with me this morning... he loves to garage sale. He is getting around quite well with his walker and is walking now without pain. He managed to get in and out of the car at least six or seven times this morning and was able wander around the sales and ask for every little toy he could find...

I bought him some new videos at one sale... since he is spending quite a bit of time still on the couch, I thought he could use something new to watch.

As we were driving to the next sale and he was looking through his stack of videos, this was our conversation.

Tejan: "Auntie - thank you for these movies."

Me: "You're welcome, Tejan."

Tejan: "May God bless you!"

Me: "God has blessed me!"

Tejan: "May He bless you again. Many times!"

Honestly. How can you not love a child who is so grateful? And kind...

He challenges me.


  1. So beautiful!!!
    And so glad his surgery went well!

  2. Beautiful beings! (Tejan and you as well)

  3. What a wonderful boy. We can all learn from him.


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