Thursday, September 20, 2007


Sometimes the best laid plans just ain't enough...

Tejan hasn't made it back to school at all this week... seems the doctor's advice to wean him off his pain meds over the weekend wasn't the best idea - and so we've been playing catch up for three days, going back to an 'every four hours' routine with the meds. He was in so much pain without them.

It's discouraging for me. I want him to begin to feel better. And I sort of want to (selfishly) return to a bit of a normal groove... get the kids off to school, run errands, work, lay on the couch and watch tv and eat bon bons... you know the routine.

Instead, I've had this little boy who can't walk without pain and have been house bound all week. Truly house bound, because Asia is gone and with Kyler running cross country, there's no time in the afternoon for me to run errands - my babysitter isn't home!

So I've adjusted some of my plans. School newspaper that I hoped to get out this week? Postponed to next week. Grocery shopping? Nope. Getting the cello for Savannah? Maybe over the weekend...

I have managed to clean out closets. And cupboards. And get 100% caught up on laundry. And read a bit. And I've done word searches and puzzles with T. And we've talked. A lot. He tells such great stories.

It's not such a bad thing to slow down. And just say "I can't do it this week." Amazingly, the world does not come to an end if I can't accomplish all the things I had on my mental to-do list.

We're taking it slow.

And that's okay.


  1. Taking it slow is not a bad thing. I see that you have the same daily routine as I. Ha!
    I am glad that the surgery went well, and am praying that his pain subsides soon.

    I also have to say that I LOVED The Glass Castle. It stayed with me long after I finished reading it. Remarkable story.

  2. it is important to treat ourselves with lovingkindness as much as we treat others with it.

  3. Lucky you!
    And Lucky Tejan.
    Are you sharing your bon-bons?


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