Friday, September 28, 2007

Just a few pictures...

Tejan and Quami at church last weekend... T. got to share a little about what his life was like before he went to live with Children of the Nations and how his life is better now... he did a great job.

Kyler at his first cross country race. He came in 46th out of about 100 kids. Then two days later at the next meet he came in 16th... he was smokin'!

Dinner at Panda Express, which just opened up about a mile from our house! We LOVE Panda!

This is what I see when Gracie wants in the back door. How cute is she?


  1. Um...your dog is the cutest EVER!!! I love her!! And my dad had a dog named Gracie!! She passed away this summer. :(

  2. She is pretty darn cute. I bet she gets let in every single time. ;)
    I love that T is doing well.

  3. Wow, I've missed a lot over here this summer. I just finished reading/skimming posts all the way back to the beginning of July to figure out who "the new kid" is. Amazing. May God send some extra strength and grace your way to cope with all you are doing right now.

    And I love Tom and Jerry, too.

    Hugs to you, Cathy!

  4. Ah... she is TOO cute. With a face like that- what is she doing hangin' outside??

  5. If you could photoshop out that block watch sticker you could make a poster out of that picture of the dog. Very cute....and I don't even like dogs.

  6. Grandpa Carson8:19 PM

    Kyler, wow what an improvement.

    How long are your races?

    Many years ago, probably when I was around you age, jr. high, I ran the 880 (yards), and in the neighborhood used to race my buddies twice around a neighborhood that was 16 blocks.

    Always did much better at distances rather than sprint races.

    Keep up the good work - G'Pa Carson


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