Sunday, September 30, 2007

What is the world coming to?

Yesterday morning I was enjoying a bit of a sleep-in when I heard the door to Ethan's room open. Asia was already gone on a man-date to coffee.

E. crawled into bed right beside me, tears in his eyes.

"What's wrong, bud?" I asked.

He held up a car Tejan and I had picked out for him at a garage sale the day before and stammered through his tears...

"Well, I just saw that this car is made in China.
And I was sucking on it before I knew that.
Because you know how everything from China has lead in it."

I reassured him that unless he fully ate about fifty of the tainted cars, I was pretty sure he would be okay. But that of course he shouldn't put his toys in his mouth.

And then we proceeded with our morning snuggle and on with our day.

When I was a kid you could suck on just about anything without worrying about dying... and I'm pretty sure a lot of our toys were made in China too. And when it snowed, I had to walk about ten miles to the bottom of our hill so the bus could pick us up...


  1. Wait a minute, it was .5 miles, that is one-half mile down the hill.

    Secondly toys didn't come from China when you were a little girl, maybe from Japan. Even your brother's hot wheels were probably safe, but not from you as you set godzilla stype in the circle of track your brothers had painstakingly set up only to be ruined by their little sister who would pounce of them as they flew by her.

    Keep the facts on track.


  2. That is SO funny...I can't stop laughing and I know it is wrong - but I am so with kids have far to much info on things these days and it is brought up in the weirdest places - I seriously wonder why I never thought about these things as a child....we discuss bird flu, west nile virus, and lead in toys - I never thought about the "why things happened" - they just did. Cathy, did you laugh when E. said it? I am trying to picture how I would have responded to it.... I like your dad's remembering of you - I guess I was only there when those two brothers were beating the heck out of you with 2 by 4's...I guess (?) you deserved it. I love you Kenny and Steve....and I live very far away from you....

  3. that gave me a good giggle, Cathy! Thanks!


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