Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The blog break that wasn't.

So I got some really great pictures at Kyler's last cross country meet yesterday.

And I really wanted to share.

Because the kids were all being so cute.
And the lighting was great.
And it's my blog - so I can do what I want.


  1. your kids are adorable but I am writing to say THANK YOU for inspiring Sandy and I last nite~! We left your shop feeling like "YES!< we can do this and we will!" and you made it fun and so stress-free.....again~~thanks!!! we will be back :*)

  2. Hey- maybe you can give a warning to your readers for the freaky eyeball picture- eew!

    But I'm glad you're break wasn't :) Awesome photos, Cathy!

  3. You crack me up! Love the photos!

  4. that last picture is just the best :)

  5. i agree with marie. the last picture tugs at my heart.

  6. Fabulously fun photos! Thanks for sharing :)


  7. Ok, I was really gonna comment that the last one WAS my favorite. Then I get here to comment and see everyone else said the same thing. LOL! The last one IS by far a great moment captured. Great eye! Loved your photos and LOVE your blog!!!(Secret I love photography too. Check out my blog. There is another link to my "1000 Words" photo blog from my written blog. THanks for sharing your pics! -bree


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