Monday, October 01, 2007

Laundry. Cookies. Stew. Mopping. Changing the sheets.

Two sick boys home today. Kyler is fighting a terrible cold and looks just miserable... we'll see what happens when you stay home from junior high, since this is his first time missing at his new school... he may decide it's too much work to stay home after today, but we'll see.

Tejan's leg is hurting again... so he's home too.

So I get to stay home again today.

I'm okay with it.

It's rainy outside anyway.

I love fall - when it's cool enough outside to turn the oven on after a long summer of avoiding anything that added to the heat. I'm baking cookies this afternoon... I love to bake and haven't been able to do it in ages... so I'm happy.

Domesticity makes me happy.

We got news last week that Tejan's jaw surgery needs to be done in two separate procedures - three months apart. This means he will be here well into the new year... I've had about a week to process this bit of info... and Asia and I got to go out to dinner over the weekend to discuss it. It's amazing to me that even my husband, who has been more of a passive participant in this adventure, believes wholeheartedly that we are the best place for Tejan. And that we'll manage whatever we need to manage as we care for him. Where there could be drama and tension, there is none. I'm so thankful for the way God has united our whole family in this act of service... it's really an amazing thing to experience. The kids are thrilled that T. will be here for Halloween and Christmas and all three of their birthdays... I'm excited that he will get to meet our extended family over the holidays and that we get more time with him than originally thought.

I've been buying Halloween costumes off of ebay... funny how I used to be the mom who painstakingly handmade clever and creative costumes for her kiddos - and now I just want to pay the money for whatever they want. Spiderman? Okay - for $2.95 + shipping. A skeleton? Sure, as long as it's not a scary one... auction ends Wednesday. It's sort of pathetic compared to the cute little Robin Hood and Woody costumes I lovingly made... but whatever. I'm so over it.

Amazing how quiet it is here, even with my two sick boys.

It's going to be a good Monday.

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