Wednesday, October 10, 2007

My runner.

Kyler got 7th place in his race yesterday.

He ran a 6:04 mile.

Way faster than I could ever do it, that's for sure!

I'm so proud of him.

(Of course, maybe knowing he'd get a milkshake if he got in the top 15 lit a fire under his butt...)


  1. Lorraine11:38 AM

    Way to go, Kyler. That's incredible. You rock!

  2. That is just awesome!

  3. That boy is Dang cute, girlfriend.

  4. Tyler is built for running. When you only weigh 50 pounds you can run faster than someone who weighs 200.

    You should get a cat. I love my cat. Cyndi loves her cat. Cats are cool...if you get the right one.

  5. Forgot to the new theme. Very nice.

    DON'T tell Asia I said HI!!!

  6. Hooray! My husband was a cross country runner back in high school!

  7. Well, a milkshake would sure do it for me! :D Yay, Kyler.

  8. Congratulations to Kyler!
    I know I could not do it! Just a fact when it comes to running. So I am in awe of those who can :0)


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