Monday, October 08, 2007

Punkin Pickin'

We spent Sunday afternoon at Green Bluff - a farming community north of Spokane... it's Apple Festival time. And of course, the pumpkin patches are full of fat orange globes just begging to be picked and brought home.

Tejan felt great all weekend... no pain at all in his legs. Still, we wanted to be extra careful and keep him off his feet as much as possible, so he rode in pumpkin carts or on the shoulders of our friend Stephen, who along with his lovely bride and two of their friends, spent the afternoon with us.

We had a lovely time. We love Green Bluff.


  1. That apple looks amazingly tasty!!

    I wish I could bring Maddie to the pumpkin patch!!

  2. if only it would stop being 80 and i would go pumpkin picking...soon :)

  3. It's all spooky here!

  4. Anonymous8:59 PM

    cool, love the pics, glad you were able to keep tejuan off his feet very creative.achh


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