Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Tuesday already?

  1. Sheesh, time flies.
  2. Terrible sleep last night... the dog was sick.
  3. I either want to go back to bed or go run the errands I needed to run yesterday. Can't decide.
  4. Stress goes right to my stomach. Can you say gurgly?
  5. COLD and windy out there today. Hello, October.
  6. Savannah, Ethan and Tejan all got haircuts last night. They looked particularly handsome this morning for school pictures...
  7. Traded out the summer clothes for my cold weather wardrobe last week. I really don't like about 80% of my winter wardrobe... most of it is several years old. But I don't want to spend money on new clothes. So I'm just going to look sloppy. I especially need new shoes... I've been wearing my Born maryjanes for 5 years. They're still in great shape, but I realize they're a little passe... wish we could all just wear sweats and hoodies all the time. And slippers.
  8. I need new slippers too, darn it.
  9. Lots of grey showing lately. Got to find time to dye my hair.
  10. I think I should go back to bed. What do you think?

It's Tuesday, people. Have a good one.


  1. I second the sweats and hoodies idea.

  2. You really are my sister on another coast!

    Wish you could go back to bed too. But paste a smile on, and go cheer someone up while running your errands in y our sloppy clothes and Mary Janes!


I love it when people talk back...