Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Bo Derek Tuesday

  1. On Saturday, I helped a good friend make a 'proposal scrapbook.' He highlighted how they met and the significant moments of their dating relationship, and then on the last page, had a picture of himself holding a ring. He gave it to her last night, and she said yes! Yay for Johnny P. and Melissa! Obviously, it was four hours of scrapbooking well spent.
  2. Savannah and I went to see the Nutcracker over the weekend. We had a lovely afternoon at the ballet, followed by some shopping downtown and dinner out. So fun. (One of her best friends played Fritz - and a naughtier little Fritz I've never seen... good job, Nora!)
  3. Tejan brought home a progress report from school yesterday and we have some pretty major issues with missing assignments. Not because he's been missing school - he's been very consistent with his attendance the last month. Now I have to go in with him and talk to the teacher... he gets A's on everything he turns in... but he's just not turning stuff in. Ugh. I don't really want to deal with this. But he needs to be held accountable. He's too smart to let it go, and while his schooling here is secondary to his medical needs, we still want him to do his best work...
  4. The kids and I were at the dollar store the other day... in line behind a woman who wore a cat mask the whole time. Every time the clerk scanned an item the catwoman would ask "How much do I owe you now?" She had SO much stuff, and we were waiting for SO long... after awhile it became like some terrible comedy skit. Savannah and I are still laughing about it.
  5. I'm hoping to start some holiday baking this weekend. I've been putting it off because if I bake it now, it will all be gone before Christmas. I really want to get my sugar cookies cut out while the kids are still in school. Then they can help decorate next week. I'm a bad mommy - because it drives me crazy to have them help me cut out the cookies. I really want to get the cookie cutters as close together as possible so I can roll the dough as few times as possible - and with the kids it never happens that way. I'm not anal about the decorating at all - they can sprinkle their brains out if they want. But I'm anal about the cutting out. I think next Tuesday will be sugar cookie baking day. Then we can have a decorating party on Wednesday...
  6. We got more snow over the weekend. I LOVE living in Spokane just because of the snow. I still have a Chrismas card that my Grandpa Carson sent me the first year we lived here. It had a snowy scene on it and my Grandpa had drawn an arrow to the snow and written "Spokane rain." Makes me miss my Grandpa, thinking of that card.
  7. Christmas cards. I started addressing them last night. I still send them. And I will continue to send them. So many people don't anymore, it makes me sad. But I think they're such a nice way to stay in touch with people we'd never be in touch with if I didn't send them. We have quite a list of people with whom that's our only communication - and we look forward to their cards every year. It's a tradition I refuse to let go of. (I can be quite stubborn about tradition, I find.)
  8. I grew up with a father who could spend an hour reading on the toilet. I married a man who can spend an hour reading on the toilet. And now I have a son who can spend an hour reading on the toilet. I know. Too much information. But come on, isn't there a more comfortable place to read? I don't get it. Even Tejan has been known to disappear into the bathroom for LONG periods of time. There's no hope.
  9. My two most very favorite Christmas songs are O Holy Night and Ave Maria. I could listen to both of them over and over again and never tire of them. I'm a teeny bit embarrassed to admit that my favorite rendition of O Holy Night right now is by Clay Aiken. (Yes. I own his Christmas album. It's really quite good.)
  10. The library at Kyler's junior high was burned down by arsonists at the beginning of the 2006-2007 school year. They just recently opened the newly rebuilt library and we got to go see it at an open house. Kyler told me that night that he's hoping to be able to work as a library aid next year. He's such a geek. But I love him so much. How can I not be proud to have a son who wants to be a library aid? So he's not an athlete. But the kid loves to read. LOVES books. It does a mother's heart good...

Happy Tuesday, friends!


  1. Cath,
    I once saw a cartoon with a cat walking thru the living room with a magazine under his arm. The caption was " I'll be in the sandbox." MUST HAVE BEEN A MALE CAT !!! That seems to be a male thing, huh!

  2. Debbie11:59 AM

    Hooray for Kyler. Baxter was a library aide. Nora loves the new library. Fritz is very tired this week. :)

  3. Don't despair! Jodi used to get A's on everything she handed in... WHEN she handed it in too... then she's wouldn't do her work, but would help everyone else!? She figured, I know how to do this already.. I'll help everyone else instead. Admirable, but frustrating! :) We figured out she was BORED to tears! Once they challenged her and gave her some different work to do, she handed it all in, school was fun and she ended up in the Talented and Gifted program, until she hit high school and they didn't have a TAG program... Tejan sounds like a smart little cookie too! Drink a nice hot cup of tea friend, enjoy the snow and grab that box of chocolate! Thinking of you always. Love, Sonja

  4. Oh.. and the bathroom thing... What IS that? hahaha. The 3 men in our household... the same.. ??!!

  5. And we calle the bathroom "THe Library"- I probably don't have to go into details as to why!

    This was a great ten- you made me laugh out loud with your OCD cookie cutting ways- CathY! Have you checked out the silicone rolling pin from Williams-Sonoma? Little to low stickiness, and paired with their rolling mat- amazing!


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