Tuesday, January 08, 2008


  1. Every child in this house now has an MP3 player. I may never need to speak again. They can't hear me anyway...
  2. Tejan became the proud owner of not one, not two, but three annoying Christmas-carol-singing animated toys over the holidays. Does anyone want a Santa on a Harley? He even dances!
  3. We're supposed to get 4 to 6 inches of snow today. And more tomorrow. And more the next day. SO much snow this year.
  4. My new year's resolution this year is to use less plastic. Mainly plastic bags... I bought some great reusable bags at Ikea and am actually remembering to take them into the store with me. It feels good. I despise plastic bags.
  5. Asia got Blokus for Christmas - it's a fun strategy game... we're all enjoying it. We're a game playing family - so new games are always good.
  6. Class today... 14 students or something crazy like that. I'll need to wake up first, for sure. So tired lately.
  7. I find myself looking at cruise websites lately... just wanting some sort of getaway after this is all over... a cruise is out of the question, of course. But I find myself wanting to run. I wish moms could take sabbaticals. Not going to happen, obviously, but I can dream, eh?
  8. Reading is a good escape too. Anyone know of a good book series I can dive into?
  9. We have a rough departure date for T... As soon as the kids realized that's what I was talking about on the phone last night, the tears began. We had a little half hour cry fest on the couch... and talked about how God loves broken hearts. I expect it will be one of my favorite memories when I look back - these sweet kids all wrapped around me...
  10. Time to take the kids to school. Can't have Tejan going back to Africa telling everyone I made him walk three miles through the snow to school , can I?

Happy Tuesday, friends.


  1. Ooooh #7 - the mommy get away. I have had that thought several times lately. The I just want to get in my car and drive away by myself just for a little while. Sigh.
    To bad we all can't just meet up somewhere for a little sabbatical. Even just one or two days :0)

  2. Book series (I can't believe I am saying this in pubic) Harry Potter. Seriously. Have you read them? They aren't your normal genere, but they are fabulously well written and totally riveting.
    I know, I know....I'm going to Hell for saying that.

  3. I started to leave a comment but, I think I deleted it. If this is a double, sorry! What about Francine Rivers? The Mark of the Lion series is wonderful!

  4. The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Series is fun and light reading and takes plae in Botswana, Africa. I think you'd like it. Authored by Alexander McCall Smith.

    We still need the plastic bags- they make great double use for poopy diapers. Ah, but you don't get those anymore, eh?

    Happy Tuesday!

  5. Hey, first time posting here but I do enjoy your blog. I'm from the other half of WA.
    I can think of many book series that I consider comfort reading but it depends on your tastes. I haven't been reading your blog long enough to really know what you like so I'll just throw out a couple of my favorites that aren't liable to send your eyebrows into your hairline.

    Diana Gabaldon's Outlander Series is fabulous IMO.

    P.F. Chisholm's Sir Robert Carey Mysteries are fun reads and loosely based on actual events and people.

    Wilbur Smith is a South African that writes fiction about Africa with some considerably authority. He has too many series to choose from. Google his website and see which one appeals to you most. The Ballantyne and Egyptian novels are my favorites.

  6. The Outlander series, I have read that. Loved it, and read them more than once. Way incredibly graphic scenes that I didn't like in those, however. My mother even read those, but I don't think she'd tell anyone. Haven't read them in years...as I write I am thinking those were maybe a little more nasty than I was remembering at first. Weren't they?
    The Mark Of The Lion Series is amazing, and I read that more than once, also. Nothing objectionable there. I own them and lend them frequently. Hadassah is my hero.

  7. Melissa3:50 PM

    Hey Woman!

    Catching up on your blog again. I *loved* seeing your name in my email. (yay facebook!)

    You have to read "Black" by Ted Dekker. It will change the way you think about your relationship with God. It did me anyway. And just a warning, it's a trilogy which you will become panicky about towards the end of Black. *LOL* (*must find the next book...*gasp*)

    The Trilogy is Black, Red, White. Seriously the best books I have ever read (minus *the* book of course).

    Christian book.com has it for like 5 bucks right now. Go get it. It will soothe you.

    Love and prayers,


  8. i'm trying to be green lately too. the bookstore on campus actually started using cloth bags to sell their textbooks. no extra charge, but instead of putting your new texts in a plastic bag, they put them in a cloth bag for you.

  9. Those Ikea bags are amazing! I can make one trip up from my car to my second story apartment when I food shop. Many food stores also give you 2 cents per bag that you bring in with you. Of course you usually have to ask since most cashiers are ambivilant about it. Heck, 2 cents is 2 cents, but why not?


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