Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Snow is pretty.


  1. Wow! It's like a winter wonderland!

  2. Anonymous8:10 AM

    I love snow because the whole world seems quiet and serene with the snow covering...
    God's beautiful gift to us all..
    I am SO glad Tejan is getting to experience the magic of it. Something he will never forget !
    Love that little guy. He was such a blessing to us at Christmas.
    We will be a part of our family forever!

  3. Wow, snow is pretty! :0)
    And thank you, thank you for that meatball recipe!
    I looooooove meatballs but need a really good recipe. I'm always afraid to make them at home!

  4. I too love a good meatball and some snow, alas we have only grey skies, a chill in the air and some rain. I much prefer your weather. :)


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