Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sunday afternoon

I just got home from Costco.

Asia and I took two cars to church this morning, since he had to take Kyler early to meet a friend who's taking him snowboarding today.

That freed me up to go straight to Costco after church, while Asia took the younger two boys and came home.

Savannah spent the night at a friends' house.

Tejan is now playing at a friends' house. (His social calendar is quite amazingly busy as all his friends try to get time in with him before he leaves... he's in demand. Big time.)

Kyler is still gone. I'm hoping he hasn't broken any bones yet. Or gone off a deep crevasse. (I love saying that word. Crevasse. Crevasse. It makes me feel smart for some reason.)

Savannah isn't home yet.

Asia and Ethan are watching some science fiction movie and E. just told me "Mom, go take your nap."

Well then.

The dog is asleep in her chair.

And I'm about to go take E.'s advice.

Happy Sunday, friends.


  1. Good for you!
    I hope you got that nap :0)

  2. Debbie9:29 AM

    Those words "Mom, go take your nap" might be the sweetest words one can hear!

  3. I wonder if you got an enourmous bunch of bananas when you went to Costco. Bananas make me think of banana bread....(deep sigh)


I love it when people talk back...