Tuesday, January 22, 2008


In an effort to get ya'll to waste as much time as I do on the internet, here are 10 blogs I find myself visiting on a regular basis.

They're informative, light, and chock-full of good stuff.

Some of them may just make you get up and do a happy-dance, as they did me.


So without further ado,

  1. Kari & Kijsa: Now don't go asking me how to pronounce that second chick's name, 'cause I've no idea. But these diet-coke addicted sisters make me laugh out loud. They like to decorate. And shop. A lot. (I'd like to interrupt with a quick little thank you to the English teacher whose name I've forgotten from Clatsop Community College who taught a VERY early morning college English class at my highschool when I was a senior - he was the one who taught me that 'a lot 'should be two words instead of one. 'A lot'. Not 'alot.' Now if he'd just have taught me whether the period goes inside the little single quotation marks or not, I'd be set.)
  2. Like Merchant Ships: I think I'm a pretty frugal gal. But this girl has it going on. She's a garage sale junky, like me. And she posts lots of links to other great blogs. You could get lost in this one for hours. Not that I'd know. Because I'm self disciplined and never spend hours on the internet. There's even a link to a blogroll of frugal blogs. Be inspired to live simply and save some $$$.
  3. The Nesting Place: Nester is one funny blogger. And she's creative! And she shows pictures of her lovely home! And she gives directions for decorating projects! And she picked my name in a drawing for one of her lovely handmade tassels, which means I'll be her BFF! And she's got the most adorable family on the planet! You're going to LOVE this girl!
  4. A Year of Crockpotting: I LOVE my crockpot. There's something so satisfying about having dinner prep done by 8:00 am. And the food tastes good, to boot. You just can't go wrong with a crock pot meal, as far as I'm concerned. Well, Crockpot Lady has taken this to the extreme with a plan to use her crockpot every flippin' day of 2008. Crazy. She documents the good, the bad and the ugly in this clever blog.
  5. Bye-Bye Pie: She's trying to live more healthily. (Ooh, is that a word?) You know - exercise more. Eat better. And she calls her husband Marvin Gardensalad, which endears me to her for now and evermore. (Endears me to her, or her to me? Which one? Sheesh. I can't write today. I've lost all confidence in my ability to use the English language. I need more coffee.)
  6. Today's Creative Blog: Every day a new blog. All creative. Duh.
  7. 3191: Two friends. 3191 miles apart. Each sharing a photo a day. Brilliant.
  8. How About Orange: Jessica is smart, modern and funky.
  9. Rebecca Sower: LOVE LOVE LOVE Rebecca. When I grow up I want to be her. She lives in the country. And she makes cool stuff. And her studio is TO DIE FOR! Seriously. Go take a look. You'll die!
  10. Karli: She's the worship arts director at my church. And an indie musician about town. And she wears really ugly thrift store clothes with style and panache. She's essentially too cool for words. And she's nice too. I want to go back 20 years and be just like Karli.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Hey...this is a GREAT idea. I really enjoy lists, but this is one I haven't seen before.

    And I love Rebecca Sower too. I think her scrapbook style is great. Her pages LOOK like scrapbooks rather than what we sometimes see in magazines where a person looks like they dumped their drawer of embellishments onto the page.

    And it's "endears her to me" (she has become dear to you).

    And period is outside the quotation marks unless the quotation is a complete sentence in which case it goes in AND out.

    Ain't English grammar fun!

  2. Thank you, cathy for your words and for the link!
    I am totally open for any and all recipe suggestions. I'm getting alarmed at just how many days there actually are in a year. And someone just pointed out that this is a leap year. hmph.

  3. I can't decide which I'm more excited about--the lovely compliment, or a few new blogs I've discovered on your list!

    Thank you.

  4. Cath,
    I just marked the crockpot one to my favorites! Love crock pot meals.
    Looking at the first one though, I'm going to have to do some substitions - too much butter, cream etc but that's doable. It's the ideas I'm looking for.
    PS Speaking of the English language - is doable a real word?
    You know do able. If not, it should be because I seem to use it a lot !
    Haven't had time to check out any of the other blogs yet - but it's not like I need more websites to waste time at : )
    Hugs - Mom

  5. i saw you won something on the nesting place blog! way to go!

  6. Great list! Thanks for sharing! (I didn't really need more distractions, but I'm sure they will be enjoyed greatly).


  7. Anonymous5:34 PM

    Say, thanks for mentioning me! I like that 3191, as well.

    And of course The Nester rocks my world. (So YOU'RE the one who won the tassle! Hmph!)

  8. Tawnya3:19 PM

    I am so gonna check these out :)

  9. YeeeHaW!!!!!!

    Thanks Cathy!

    I agree with your picks. Hmm, imagine that. I like 'em all. Alot. I hope you aren't one of those people who can't read someone's blog unless the grammar is perfect. But, you would have stopped reading mine. I figure if June can read it and put up with me, anyone can. Bye, Bye.. and Like Merchant ships are two of my favs right now! I just found the crockpot cutie the other day. Love her!

    Can't wait to check out your other reccommendashuns. {I know that's spelled wrong, it's intended for humor}. Also, your tassel was mailed out Tuesday.



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