Sunday, January 27, 2008

We woke up to this...

I'd bet there are 15 inches of snow out there.

If you look at the second picture, you'll see the the snow up to the base of the bird bath.


Lots of snow. Lots and lots and lots.

And it's still coming down.


  1. Wow! Actually that snow looks gorgeous.
    Crazy weather here! Almost 60 degrees and it was in the teens two days ago :p

  2. Your photos make me miss living on the South Hill. We have plenty out here in the Valley, but since it turned to rain more than once over the past 24 hours, our sidewalk and streets are a sloppy, slushy mess. Blech!

    Cozy up and enjoy! :)


  3. Oh my word- that's a whole lotta white stuff!

  4. Tawnya5:09 PM

    oh yes... looks very familiar :)
    Keep warm friend.

  5. OK, I am jealous.

    Am I sinning for coveting? No, wait, I am not supposed to covet your ox, your donkey, your house or anything AT your house. Oops, there it is....guilty I am.
    Does that count the snow AT your house?

    (I am still jealous though)


I love it when people talk back...