Tuesday, February 19, 2008


  1. Having my bedroom painted was a good thing. It's forced Asia and I to go through schtuff that we've had lying around for ages and purge. I've got a boatload of bags to take to Goodwill. (You should have seen the dust bunnies we found behind the dressers - they were more like dust elephants!)
  2. I really like the newly painted bedroom... we went with a rich milk chocolate color and it's so warm and inviting and romantic... now I just need to get some curtains made and it'll be a completely new room. I'll post pictures sometime soon.
  3. The snow is slowly melting away. SLOWLY being the operative word... the bad thing is - the piles melt during the day and then all the runoff freezes overnight so in the morning you're faced with skating rinks as driveways and parking lots and roads. Makes for some fun adventures in getting from one place to the other.
  4. Tejan continues on his oral antibiotics and is back in school. His inflammation levels were still elevated at his last check-up, so we had to change his dose and we'll go back in a couple of days for another test. If they're still elevated at that point, he'll have to go back on IV antibiotics. Ugh. Really hoping they're down and we can keep him at home.
  5. I'm tackling my studio today - as soon as I finish this post. Cleaning out my bedroom has inspired me to clean out other areas of the house that have become giant crap-piles. (Sorry, there's just no better way to describe them.) I'm feeling SO motivated. Problem is, my garbage can is already filled to overflowing - and the garbage doesn't come until Friday. I'm in trouble...
  6. I gave Ethan the job of cleaning the change out of my wallet each day to put in his 'Africa Piggy Bank.' In the course of doing that, he's come across some pretty old coins. This morning it was a penny from 1930. I think it's remarkable that this one coin has been circulating for 78 years. Isn't that amazing? I know - it's just an old penny. But it's cool.
  7. I let my hair air dry yesterday and Asia kept calling me Cheryl Tiegs. It was pretty darn fluffy. Bouncin' and behavin', it was. I wish I had time to air dry it every day... but since I have super thick hair, I'd have to get up about two hours early to do that. Yesterday I had the luxury of not having to be anywhere until noon...
  8. Speaking of having to be places early - the school district decided to make up the time from our week of snow days by starting school 15 minutes early every day for the rest of the year. I haven't decided if I think that's better than adding a couple days on in June. It won't be hard at all to get there fifteen minutes early, so I guess it's a good solution. I guess I just question whether anything scholastic can really be accomplished in 15 extra minutes... but then, I don't suppose much gets accomplished during extra days tacked on in June either, so either way, I think it's a wash.
  9. Asia goes to Washington DC on Friday... he's presenting at a national Child Welfare League conference. Wow. He's digging out the suit for this one...
  10. Happy Tuesday, dear ones. I hope you had a lovely long weekend...


  1. Debbie11:43 AM

    Regarding the extra fifteen minutes; would you like to leave at 6:30 to take a child to school for her zero hour class which will now begin at 6:45? As it is now, I can't even get her out of bed in time to get there for the 7am class! Yikes. Good thing there's only a few months left.

  2. wow- that's a cool way to make up school...my mom teaches and already has to make up a day.

  3. I want to see the bedroom paint...where is your camera??

    I also think old coins are cool. I tend to look at dates and save the old ones(which many cashiers and people standing in line behind me find extremely annoying).

    I have an old nickel from the 40's that is rubbed smooth almost. I love thinking about some soldier buying a cup of coffee with it while he's home on leave.

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