Saturday, February 16, 2008


I am always amazed whenever we have a big windstorm. The neighbors across the street have huge pine trees in their backyard, and I love to watch the trees sway and bend in the wind. It seems as though they will most certainly snap, but every time (so far) they give sway one way, and then back to the other, and eventually, as the wind dies down, they stand straight again.

Those trees are flexible. And strongly rooted. And for years they have withstood myriad storms.

Flexibility in the human realm is a great quality.

A quality I think perhaps I needed to develop. So I've had some opportunities this past little bit to grow in my ability to be flexible.

The latest?

Tejan will be with us for at least ten more weeks.

And while I have adjusted to this over the course of the last few days, it took a little time to readjust my heart and my expectations and find the energy to face this new reality.

There were moments when I felt I might snap. Like maybe it was just one inch too far that I was being pushed... but then, in a moment of grace, the pressure to bend let up and I was able to find my way back to center.

The only explanation I have for this ability to bend so far - are the Roots that go so deep beneath the surface of my circumstances. This deep seeded belief in Pure Religion packaged inside the gift of faith.

And then, wonder of wonders, I am blessed beyond belief by Joy. Joy in the extra moments I get to spend with this extraordinary boy. Joy in watching my own children stretch and mature beyond their years. Joy in tangible forms like laughter and goofiness and happy memories.

So not only am I shored up and hedged in and held upright by God Almighty, I also can look at my circumstances and see great blessing.

It is an extraordinary experience to recognize that I am way beyond my own abilities. To know that my own reserves were exhausted months ago. And to find that I am able to keep going - because there is a Strength and a Perfect Love that flows through me.

For at least ten more weeks...


  1. Lorraine12:33 PM

    Beautifully written.

  2. 10 weeks? TEN WEEKS? ok,
    I guess it just goes to show that you never can tell. Huh? God always know the end from the beginning and we never really have a clue.
    Prayin' for you, friend.

  3. Wow, that is a real adjustment. I'm happy for Tejan. I'm worried for him. (How will he adjust going back to Africa.)

    I was listening to a sermon on TV last night at 2am and Dr. Charles Stanley was saying 'Untested faith is unverified faith.' I turned off the TV at that point and that sentence just kept reverberating in my brain.

    Reminds me also of "boiling oil grace". I heard that years ago...was it Charlie? I can't remember. But the idea is you don't know how you will react to a test until it's the time. YOu won't know how you will react when facing boil oil until you are standing in front of the vat of oil.

    Ya know...I often pray that I can tip toe through life and maybe God won't notice me and give me these big tests like lots of friends and acquaintances seem to have.

    Wish I were more mature. (deep sigh). Well, I'll be praying for you and your family for the next 10 months which I actually am kind of excited for you all. (Now, Cathy, don't roll your eyes.)

    God bless you all with the grace and stamina to keep on going,

  4. Cathy
    Does this mean we will get to have him here with you and the kids for spring break ?? : )
    I would love for him to be able to go to church with us as our whole church has been praying for him thru all of this. How special it would be for them to be able to meet him !
    God is so faithful in giving each of us just what we can handle. Both the family and Tejan. He is ALL KNOWING AND ALL POWERFUL !
    Love you all Mom

  5. You are a wonderful writer. You really should write a devotional or something. You have a beautiful and inspirational way of creating emotion and meaning with your words.

    What you said here,

    "...Roots that go so deep beneath the surface of my circumstances. This deep seeded belief in Pure Religion packaged inside the gift of faith."

    reminded me of one of my favorite scriptures. We actually have it on our kitchen bulletin board as kind of our homeschool "theme" scripture,

    "Let your roots grow down deep into Him, and let your lives be built up on Him. Then your faith will grow strong in the truth you were taught, and you will overflow with thankfulness."
    -Col 2:7

    You are living the Word, Cathy. You know that? It's like the continuation of the chapter of Acts
    played out everyday and I love coming here to read about it and rejoice with you. I think we'll be talking about this in Heaven someday. How good God was to you during this time in your life.

    Praying for you,

    Pink Paper Peppermints


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