Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Not ten.

So it's Tuesday - and I rarely miss an opportunity for the Tuesday Ten.

But today, I thought it would be better to thank you all for your prayers and words of wisdom and encouragement. It's amazing that a blog can be such a great tool for keeping you all in touch and hearing back from people all over the world - hearing your hearts through comments. I'm humbled and blown away by it. So thank you.

I have been blessed with a quiet acceptance of these circumstances... yesterday, even though I was on the go non-stop (which is NOT the sort of day that normally feeds my soul) I felt a quiet peace through it all. Even while frustrated by doctors who only seem to show up when I leave the hospital, and overwhelmed by the disagreeing factions of people who control Tejan's fate, I felt the Peace that passes all understanding. How fortunate I am to have a merciful God who feeds my soul when my circumstances do not.

So I managed to get through my day yesterday:
  • At the hospital by 6:30 am, hoping to catch the doctors on rounds.
  • I left the hospital at 9:30 having never seen a doctor the whole time. I ran home to shower and prepare for a class at the store. I couldn't cancel it, because it was already reschduled because of last week's snow.
  • While home, I returned phone calls from three people wanting to either visit Tejan and needing details, or wanting to bring us meals. Making three phone calls is hard on a good day. But I did it. (good girl.)
  • Loaded the dishwasher. Started some laundry. Smooched the dog.
  • Taught my class at noon.
  • Ran to the grocery store and the school to touch base with the school office about T's condition.
  • Picked the kids up from school. We went straight to the hospital. Kyler and Savannah did their homework in the rec room while Ethan and T. played video games. Refereed fights about what games to play. Hoped to see the doctors again. I did not.
  • Saw Asia for about 5 minutes when he came to the hospital to take the kids so I could go straight to my evening class.
  • Taught my evening class. Closed the store.
  • Back to the hospital to read to T. and tuck him in for the night.
  • Home at 9:00. Dinner. Bed.

And today will be similar. Another class to teach. Tomorrow should be a little less frantic, as my whole day is free and I can just be at the hospital instead of going up and down the hill so many times.

So yes - it's nuts around here.

And yes - I'm exhausted.

And yes - we're all a little overwhelmed by the demands on our family right now.

But we're okay, because God is good. And He is strong in my weakness.

He is strong in my weakness.

Isn't that amazing?

Smooch you all.


  1. He is strong in my weakness.

    I need to tattoo that on my hand so that I see it all day every day.
    Thank you for that friend, for blessing me. :)

    It is amazing... amen and alleluia.

  2. CAthy - been reading and keeping up but not replying. Sending you east coast prayers and hugs. You have gotten through each stage of this experience when you have felt confused/weak/drained/unsure. You will come through this as well, and look back and it will seem like a blink. Probably not much comfort right now, but my pathetic attempt at support.
    Hang in there. Your children are learning life lessons like no one's business right now, I am sure God is training you all for something real big again soon.

  3. Thinking of you this week Cathy!!

  4. Anonymous10:35 PM

    I am guessing there are soldiers in Iraq that do not have the grueling kind of days you have had lately.
    I am praying for Tejan, you, your family and them.
    Kelly's Dad, Kevin


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