Thursday, March 13, 2008

Five pictures to share on this Thursday afternoon.

These are some new dishtowels I bought recently. I love real cotton dishtowels. I actually got a set of 8 - these are my four favorites. A happy kitchen is one with new dishtowels. If you ever want to send me a happy present, I love dishtowels.

She's such a good dog.

I made this for a class last year... it's the prayer of St. Francis of Assisi on an accordion that fits into this altered band-aid box. I have it on top of my piano. It makes me happy. Although I've always wondered why St. Francis has a squirrel on his head. (Or is it on his arm? Or by his feet? Or maybe it's a bird...)

When I was in Alberta, I went to Corey's son Jared's hockey game. He's a real live Canadian boy with stinky hockey equipment and he knows how to skate. Really fast. I enjoyed the game. This is Jared skating really fast. Isn't it amazing how he's almost laying down he's leaning so far forward. I think that may have something to do with how fast he goes. If it were me, it would have something to do with why I was falling...

This is my new bulletin board - assembled with cork trivets I got at Ikea. It's on the side of my pantry, which for two years has been staring at me in all it's blank whiteness, begging for a bulletin board. I love the circular pattern. I even covered thumbtacks with cute buttons so I have extraordinarily cute tacks instead of tacky office-y tacks. Now I just need to find some more stuff to put on it... maybe you should send me a cute postcard so I can post it on my bulletin board...


  1. Which St. Francis prayer is it? I love St Francis and I am fairly sure it was a bird...he was known to preach to trees full of birds about the Creator God who made them...he was a serious nature boy who was redeeming nature by sharing the gospel and the love of the Father/Creator to all who would listen...and many people claimed that the birds and trees listened and responded. He also LOVED the poor which means he is probably your patron saint and why you are drawn to his prayers...He is one of my favorite monks, along with Bernard of Claireveaux and Francis Xavier (Jesuits)...they were cool french monks... oh I love the monastic.
    I also absolutely love your hand towels...I am kind of crazy about them too.

  2. Your hand towels are gorgeous! Love the little mini book. You are so talented.

    Hope you're doing well.

    Pink Paper Peppermints

  3. St. Francis was the patron saint of animals/pets. On his feast day, Evan's school had a blessing of the pets and it looked like a lot of fun :0)
    I love the accordion album you made. That is one of my favorite prayers. Just beautiful!
    And your corkboard is fun!!
    You make me want to go buy some new dish towels! ;0)

  4. Love love love the dishtowels....I will send you a postcard if you email me your addy!

  5. i love the hockey picture! i totally thought you must have caught him as he was falling!

  6. amy k7:49 AM

    Love the bulletin board idea Cat--very creative (not a surprise coming from you!). My baby shower games went well...thank goodness for Google...thanks again for the chat.


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