Thursday, March 13, 2008

He's taller than me.

The kids and I took a walk Monday evening after dinner.

It was unseasonably warm and with the time change it wasn't yet dark.

So we puttered around the neighborhood and let the dog run in the field at the end of our street.

As we were heading home, Kyler was walking next to me.

And as I turned to say something to him, it hit me.

I was looking up at him.

I knew it was coming... He's been trying to convince me that he's taller for months. But when we stood back to back, I was always still taller.

No more.

Now, I'm not short. At 5'9", I probably got to put this off for longer than most moms. But dang, he's tall.

Of course I had to ask him, "What happened to my baby?"

"I'm not a baby anymore, Mom"


He's not.


  1. Why do they do that to us?
    M's got this hair on his face and under his arms. He's got size 10 feet. He has crazy defined muscles that make him look like a model. He's not yet surpassed me in height, but it won't be long. Where's my baby?

  2. Also? Kyler looks so much like you.

  3. I sympathize.. it happens way to soon. J.D. would be taller than you by a smidge.
    It just shouldn't happen.

  4. Alas mine has been taller than me for a year or more. It's so hard to get used to. Sometimes I think there is a strange man in the house and then I realize it's my baby!!

    Your boy sure is a cutie!

    Pink Paper Peppermints

  5. Evan is only five going on six, but he's already up to my chest!
    It's amazing how quickly they sneak up on us :0)

  6. Wow, Cathy....That's one of the best photos of yours that I've seen in awhile. (Which is saying something because you're a great photographer.)

    Super photo. I hope you scrapbook it.

  7. OK
    Where's the picture of him with his new haircut ??


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