Wednesday, March 05, 2008


I am home after five days in Canada with Corey.

We had a lovely time. Lots of tea. And coffee. And great food. And conversation. Lots and lots and lots of conversation.

It's amazing to me how similar we are, even after being apart for 20 years. And yet there are also differences - and strengths and weaknesses. But she is the closest thing I have to a sister. For sure, she is a soul sister.

I had a seven hour drive each way during which I had lots of time to think. I seldom get that kind of uninterrupted processing time - so it was pretty sweet.

I thought a lot about Tejan - who has been gone and will return to our house on Saturday. I am missing him SO much. Much of my drive was spent thinking through the hole I feel in my gut with him gone these past two weeks. I don't think about it much in the day-to-day of living - but when I stopped to think about how much I adore him and how the reality of his leaving for good looms large, I am overwhelmed with grief. For now - I know he is a short flight away and I will see him in a few days. When he is gone back to Africa, I suspect my heart will always, always ache for his laughter and stories and loud presence. There were tears on my drive home as I pondered this new reality I will face.

I am so thankful for this extra time we get with him. While I am a bit weary, it is so good to have the time to squeeze in as many hugs and as much laughter as we can. He is so dear to me.

And then, over the course of hours of talking with Corey, I came to find the big question of 'what next?' What might God be planning for our family? What could this time with Tejan have been preparing us for? I'm still thinking through that and praying for radical willingness in our hearts. More on that in the days to come... I will say that I know that as a family, we are wrecked for the ordinary...

I am blessed, you know. God is so generous with his favor. And I just want to give. More. So I'm eager to see how that plays out in my day-to-day existence and the big picture of my life.

It's always a challenge to come down off a big introspective mountain and find your way back through the laundry and lunches and kids who have so many stories to tell... but it is sweet to be home.

My time in the Canadian Rockies was good. Very very good.

But this is my life... and it is good too.

Happy Wednesday, dear friends. How are you?


  1. I am well, tired and overwhelmed and surrounded by mountains of things to do.. but well and blessed.
    Tired is good when you are doing things you love for and with people you love. :)
    A trip to the Rockies sounds lovely. :D

  2. Anonymous12:20 PM

    Maybe I'm hearing "mission field" in your future. You think?? Orphanage parents? Hmmm, it will be interesting to see. Maybe a house full of foster kids? Sounds exciting for you guys. Your trip to Corey's sounds like it was a massage for your soul. Good. Good. I could use one for the body too. Welcome back. LORRAINE

  3. Welcome home Cath
    I was just wondering when you were getting back.
    It is so special to have a friend like Corey. Glad you could spend some time together.
    Missed your blog !
    Isn't it great to have a God that prepares us in ways we couldn't ever explain and yet know he has a purpose for everything that happens to us.
    Halleuljah !

  4. Oh how I miss the Canadian Rockies and that girl named Corey. I didn't have as many years with her as you did and we were already adults when we met but I feel like I have known her forever. That is so cool that you guys got to spend some time together. Also great that you got some alone time to think. That drive is spectacular as well. Can't wait to hear what God has in store for you. During that time that I met Corey there was a group of us that were on a spiritual journey and God moved in amazing ways. We were wrecked for the ordinary as you say. I ended up in Argentina...and now am in the middle of adopting two beautiful girls. Who knew?!

    Happy Wednesday.

  5. Oh, now I remember you said you were going to see your friend.

    So glad it went well. I hope you are refreshed!

    Pink Paper Peppermints

  6. Tawnya4:25 PM

    Hi sweet friend,
    I need to be checking in with your dear blog far more often than I do. I literally feel connected here when I arrive. God is here, on your blog each.and.every.time. I feel His presence in your words which means he lives in your soul. Amazing. Wow. I sit in awww...
    xoxo, T

  7. Welcome back, friend. I have mised you!
    Your time with Corey sounds like it was just exactly what you needed.

  8. So glad you're home. I have really missed your blog. I know I can probably speak for others as well as I have read their comments...I feel like I am a part of your family just by reading here. You can check out my "From The Heart Of Bree" blog to find out what has been going on here in NC.

    But so happy you are back safe and had that opportunity to think and relax your mind. God bless my friend.

  9. Anonymous7:44 AM

    Hey girl! I knew you and Corey would have a wonderful time... I am SOooo excited for you to come home! To walk the beach and talk with you is going to be such a blessing to me! I feel the tears well up as I even write that! It seems we go through our busy lives, the years pass so quickly and as we get older, I find a beauty and excitement in reconnecting with the past and the people from it that where instrumental in helping to create the mold for the adult people we have become... tiny bits of influence, fun, tears and love, in that mold created and that is ever-changing.. Where did the time go my dear friend? :) Have a wonderful day Cathy!

  10. amy k2:13 PM

    Glad you had a refreshing time with Corey, Cat. N and I enjoyed a few days with her uncle in Tucson, too. Did you know that there are still places where you can wear short sleeves outside and actually get HOT?! Good to be reminded. Sorry the birthday thing has been so slow in coming...soon! soon!


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