Monday, March 24, 2008


I'm sick.

I haven't been sick since before Tejan came.

So I'm really quite pathetic... as though I forgot what it was like to have my nose run and my throat sore. I just want to stay in bed.

But I cannot. I have to work today. The boss is out of town.

So I'll trudge over to the store and try not to sneeze on anyone.

Easter was rainy. But we had a lovely service and my heart was given hope... it was as if our pastor knew exactly what I needed to hear - he spoke about 'compassion fatigue' and how Christ is the only answer... good stuff. Good, good stuff.

Compassion fatigue... isn't that just perfect? It's exactly what I've been feeling...

I'm working through so much in my little heart lately... and trying my darndest to just live in each day - taking the joy in each moment instead of looking forward. I can't really look forward right now because I'm so overwhelmed by the possibilities. So I'll take this ten minutes and live it well. Then the next ten. And the next...

And through it all, God is good. And patient. And kind.

Have you thought about God's kindness lately? It's one of my favorite things to ponder. Romans says it's His kindness that leads us to repentance. Isn't that sweet?

And so - in each ten minute chunk of time - I hang onto kindness.

Kindness in the crocus I see dotting the neighbor's flower beds.
In the wag of Gracie's tail.
In sunlight and the full moon and dripping rain.

Kindness in loving me.

Thank you Jesus, for being so kind.


  1. I know you are working thru so much. I love that you are willing to write about it all.
    Too bad you are not here today to go to the Boardwalk! It would do you good...
    Granny and Grandpa say Hello.

  2. Happy Easter, Cathy!
    I'm sorry you are not feeling well.
    I do love the message about God's kindness. He's really been a rock for me these past few days!


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