Tuesday, March 11, 2008


  1. The month of March around here has become almost laughably busy. It's pretty insane when someone invites you over for dinner and the total number of evenings you have available for the entire month is four - and those aren't until the very end of the month... how did this happen?
  2. The snow is melting! Finally, we can see grass. The gross part is that when your grass is covered by snow for so long, when it melts, your grass has snow mold. Yuck.
  3. Poor Gracie has a strange pattern of hair loss known as Seasonal Flank Alopecia. It's sort of like Seasonal Affective Disorder in humans... and leads to circular patches of baldness on her sides. It's caused by a lack of sunlight. You can bet I've been getting her outside as much as possible since we got the diagnoses. It's a harmless problem, but it sure looks funny. She should start regrowing hair in the next couple of months.
  4. I spent lots of money at Target yesterday. What is it about that store that makes me feel like I need everything I see?
  5. We had a super fun weekend at the store with Donna Downey. She taught four classes - two of which I got to take. Kathy and I went out to dinner with her Saturday after the store closed. Loved chatting with her about the industry and her experiences.
  6. Kyler finally got his hands on Super Smash Bros. Brawl - a new Wii game he's literally been waiting months for. He used birthday gift cards and money he'd saved to get it. Now of course, he can hardly believe we're holding to our 'no game system play on weekdays' rule. We're such mean parents.
  7. I bought the new Colbie Caillat CD, after listening to it in Corey's car the whole time I was in Alberta. Love it.
  8. Hoping to get some new glasses next month... I'm ready for something different and the insurance $ will be there... love getting new glasses.
  9. Tejan came back on Saturday - so I'm back to four kids again.
  10. Happy Tuesday, dear ones. Smooch you all!


  1. Oh, my teenO got it too. He saved & saved & pre-ordered and then forced me to go to a midnight launching! *LOL* He even participated in a tournament at the store. You've never seen so many teenage boys so happy!

    Maybe those two can play together? TeenO tells me he can play with others through wifi. I have no idea how it works though.

    What a fun thing to take a class from Donna! I hope you show us what you made!

    Pink Paper Peppermints

  2. HI Friend.
    I love Target. I love Spring. Love new Glasses.
    And Love you.

  3. Snow mold?! I had never even heard of it - yuck!
    And Target is a money sucker for sure :0) I love going there but hate how much I always end up spending!
    Sounds like a fun evening with DD


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