Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Speaking of 10.

  1. Sometimes I simply cannot believe the amount of noise in this house. I have two children whose normal speaking voices border on yelling - plus a dog who is more vocal than most men - and stereos in every room with children who feel the need to play them at maximum volume... That's why my favorite time of day is right after the kids have left for school and I can sit down in my chair and drink my coffee in total silence. This makes me feel old, this need for quiet... I'm fairly certain it's a sign of agedness that I just can't concentrate when there's so much noise. Can anyone relate?
  2. Speaking of noise, sometimes, when it's really, really noisy, I'm reminded of a really old Veggie Tales where Archibald is saying "Stop yelling! Yell, yell, yell!" I have no idea which movie it is. But I like to say it, in my best Archibald voice.
  3. Speaking of Veggie Tales, it kind of makes me sad that all of my children are past Veggie Tales and there are all sorts of Veggie movies I've never seen because of that. I need grandchildren. Not yet, of course. But someday.
  4. Speaking of grandchildren, or not, our friends Justin and Tarah just bought a house a few blocks from us and we're already seeing much more of them. This makes me happy because they have two of the most adorable little boys on the face of planet earth and I'll get to play with them and be their crazy pseudo auntie who sneaks them candy when their Mommy isn't looking. They're so cute I could eat them with a spoon.
  5. Speaking of cute boys, Savannah is beginning to notice them. And talk about them. And want to call them. I'm not sure where to draw the line with that, because there are so many other forms of communication nowadays. (Now I really sound old, because old people always say 'nowadays.') When I was younger, it was considered bad taste for a girl to call a boy. So I don't want Savannah to call boys. Heck - I don't even want her to want to call boys. But do I let her email them? Or instant message them? Things are much more complicated than they used to be. (Again, old.)
  6. Speaking of being old, I went to the doctor yesterday (cover your eyes, men) for my annual you-know-what. And I had a few questions about things... and he kept answering with "I see this all the time in women about your age..." Which basically means my body is falling apart right before my very eyes. Hormones? Whacked out. Uterus? Enlarged. Insomnia? Get used to it. Totally normal for a woman my age, I'm told. Hmmph.
  7. Speaking of insomnia, I was awake yesterday from 1:30 am until 9:30 pm when I was finally able to get to bed. And I was amazed at how well I functioned. I'm sure it would have been imprudent to drive large machinery, but I managed to keep my household running and not lose any children or burn the delicious meal I prepared for the children... Really. I'm not sure how I managed, but I did. Thank goodness I actually slept last night so I don't have to find out if I could function like that for another day. Love my Tylenol PM.
  8. Speaking of delicious meals, I made African Groundnut Stew for dinner. It sounds weird until I tell you that in Sierra Leone they call peanuts groundnuts. So basically, it was a peanutty, beef stew. It was SO yummy. Tejan was beside himself. "Auntie, you know how to cook African food!"
  9. Speaking of Tejan, I've got to start packing his stuff today. I'm home all day today and tomorrow and that's my agenda - along with a lot of work stuff and art show projects... I'm not sure how I'll ever condense everything he's collected in his time here into just a couple of boxes. I have a feeling he's going to have to be very choosy about what he takes with him and we'll be donating a lot of leftovers.
  10. Speaking of donating, I think I'll go give blood today... it's been ages. I used to do it all the time and haven't taken the time for so long. Got to get back into the habit of going every 8 weeks. Plus - they give you snacks. I love snacks.

Happy Tuesday, friends. Thanks for all your love yesterday. Smooch you all!


  1. Reading your last post, it's so lovely that you have friends who lift you up like that :0)

    And I love your blog header!

  2. Speaking of snacks, I think I'll go grab some chocoalte right now!! Love your ten today :) Tell me how the boy things goes, I'm curious with three GIRLS. Ack. I don't even want to think about it. Okay, never mind- just take notes, I'll refer in ten years.

  3. As you ponder what to do as the parent of a daughter interested in boys, might I suggest a sermon by Mark Driscoll which has been very helpful in my thinking, and it challenged me as a father to become more involved in understanding my daughters and being proactive in their relationships. You can find it at:


  4. I hear you.
    As a Mom of boys I would rather a girl call them IM or email... seems more personal and you know who you are talking to.
    But we have avoided that, except for a handmade card or two... and a caution from me that any note handed out at school you have to assume that the whole grade will read it. (I wish someone had told me that!) :) I tell them (him) to treat them the way they feel about them and they will KNOW you like them. :)


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