Sunday, May 04, 2008

My crazy bird story.

On Friday afternoon, Asia and I took a walk. As we headed down the driveway, we noticed an inordinate amount of bird poop on the ground near one of our basement window wells.

We have nice deep window wells. The guy who owned this house before us put in beautiful egress windows for the basement, with deep wells and protective railings. We don't want bird poop on them.

But we were on our way to a walk - and who wants to make the dog wait for her walk? So we left the poop, casually wondering why birds decided to make our lovely window wells their public toilet.

The next morning I woke up early. I like getting up early, because it gives me some quiet before the rest of the house stirs. But on that morning, I woke up annoyed. I kept hearing something. Bing-Bang. Tap. Thump. Real quiet though... When Asia rolled over I told him the squirrels were throwing pinecones. Couldn't he hear it? I went ahead and got up, since the incessant tip-tapping wasn't going to allow me any more shut-eye.

Later in the day, I was finally throwing out the remains of the lovely flower bouquet Asia sent me after T. left. I walked around the corner to our yard waste recycling bin and what to my wondering eyes should appear?

A bird.

In the window well.

Flying clumsily and tapping with it's beak on the basement window.

Of course, it flew away as soon as it saw me. But on closer inspection, I saw countless little beak-y marks on the window.

This morning I awoke to the same knickety-knocking sound. So I decided to do some investigative work. Pulling on some sweats and my trusty slippers, I went quietly downstairs to the birdbeak-pocked window's room. I carefully opened the door and snuck to a corner in the shadows.

And then I watched, as a skinny little bird flew into the window, knocking it's beak against the pane. Over. And over. And over again.

I don't really know what I thought I was going to see, since I already knew the sound was coming from the bird. Tapping the window. With it's beak.

Maybe I'd see something that explained it's weird behavior. Like a bird figurine sitting next to the window - a classic 'real bird in love with pretend bird love story'. A tiny little bird sized McDonald's drive-through window I'd never noticed before. A reflection of the perfect tree branch where silly bird wanted to build it's nest.

But no. It's just a window. Just a bird. Banging it's beak.

It's still down there doing it.

Based on the amount of poop out there, it's been doing it for awhile.

So there's my crazy bird story.

And that's all I have to say about that.

Except to say this: re-reading my post, I have to wonder if the lady who gets up early to watch a bird fly into the window over and over again is perhaps instead the crazy one... Oh well. Call me crazy.

Happy Sunday, friends!


  1. I've heard and seen birds do this before. Some species are so 'aggressive' they pick fights with a male (usually) bird that they see, mistaking their reflection for an enemy. :)
    How often, I wonder, do I bang myself on a window mistaking a reflection for an enemy? :)

  2. I bet he is seeing his reflection.
    On one of our camping trips with Tiny and Betty a few years ago a bird fell in love with the rear view mirror on the outside of Tiny's truck. All the time we were there, he would fly down to hang onto the mirror and talk to himself. He was amusing but he wasn't on our bedroom window waking us up.

  3. Mom again : )1:34 PM

    You might try puting a piece of cardboard or something in the window behind where he is pecking and maybe his reflection wouldn't show up.
    Just a thought.

  4. That is pretty crazy. I'm giggling at the description of the "inordinate amount of bird poop". I love how you tell stories :)

  5. Anonymous8:09 PM

    Maybe you should have had the bird arrested for attempted beaking & entering!!!


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