Monday, May 26, 2008

Family reunion

Asia's family met over the long weekend in Libby, Montana to honor the life of his Grandma Willie.

It's the first time the five siblings have been together since 1992.

It was a great weekend.

Lots of laughter, great food, fun stories and long hugs.

My kids met two of their aunts and uncles for the first time... and I met extended family I'd never met as well.

Asia comes from a pretty amazing group of people... and for a family that has faced some pretty tough stuff, they've really risen above it all to become fascinating, incredible people.

I love them all and am so honored to call them my family.


  1. How special. I take it your were the designated photographer since Cathy pictures are missing!! :o)

  2. family reunions are fantastic. how wonderful for them to all get together again. :)


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