Monday, May 19, 2008

Free money Monday

Okay, so this isn't likely to become a weekly post, since I can't imagine having access to free money every week, but I heard about Revolution Money Exchange recently and signed up for their free account and guess what? They gave me $25 just for doing it! Basically, someone is finally trying to compete with Paypal. And in order to pull people in, they're paying you to sign up.

I like Paypal. And I use it all the time. And I'll probably continue to do so. But I'll take a free $25 any day. My money goes right into my Africa savings account.

What will you do with your free $25?

And hey, because I feel shady if I don't tell you, you need to know that they have a referral program. And if you click on the button and sign up, I'll get $10 in my account just for referring you. And that $10 will also go into my Africa account. So there. Take it or leave it. Hate me or love me.

I'm just sayin' - it's FREE MONEY! (And it will help me and my family go see Tejan next year. How can you not want to do that?)
Refer A Friend using Revolution Money Exchange

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