Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Ten on Tuesday.

  1. Spring has finally come to the inland northwest. We're supposed to be in the mid 80's by Friday. I can hardly wait to get out the capris.
  2. I had a nice mother's day - with brunch out at Madeline's with the family. Yummy food, great coffee and fun conversation... good stuff. Of course, I missed Tejan and wished for him to be there too... I expect I will miss him every mother's day. It would be hard not to.
  3. This week is crazy busy with so many school events happening. Track meets, walk-a-thons, PTG meetings... May is always such a crazy month. I don't mind it though... busy feels good right now.
  4. Crazy bird seems to be taking a little break from crashing into our window. I've only heard him two or three times in the last week.
  5. We took a nice long bike ride with another family over the weekend. We met the Holm family through Ethan's wrestling program - their son Eric and Ethan liked to wrestle each other at practice - turns out Olaf, the dad, is best friends with one of my classmates from high school, Andy Peitsche. They met in college. And Kyler and their oldest son, Andrew (named after Andy) have a class together at school (at a school with 500 kids in 7th grade.) Small world. Our families have oodles of fun together... of course, poor Savannah is left without a playmate, as happens so often for her. She's a good sport though, and doesn't seem to mind hanging out with the boys. (A lot like her mom that way...)
  6. I need a new power cord for my computer. I'm always having to wiggle this one to get it to work. Drives me crazy.
  7. I made the yummiest pork chops for dinner last night. Seriously yummy. Even if you don't like pork chops much, you should try these. They're SO tender and flavorful.
  8. Went to Savannah's "Band and Strings Spectacular" at the Spokane Arena last week. 2200 5th and 6th graders playing together... so fun. She plays cello. See her there in her pretty pink easter dress? I think she was the prettiest 5th grade girl there...
  9. I'm having loads of fun at Kyler's track meets trying to get the perfect high jumping action shots...
  10. Can anyone tell me why the polish on both of my fourth toes is gone? So weird.

Happy Tuesday, friends. Smooch you all.


  1. Anonymous2:49 PM

    Are those Fred Flintstone feet or what?

  2. Great list, Cath! Hey, just a head's up, it might not be the power cord. It might be internal (the little metal thing in the computer). Mine has gone out twice and had to be fixed. So, you might want to check it out before you buy the cord.

    Savannah looks soooo pretty in that picture!!

  3. Anonymous11:32 PM

    I remember reading the other day in the police blotter about a bird arrested for beaking & entering; he gets out on work release; could be the same one; :{


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