Friday, May 23, 2008

thoughts from the deep recesses...

All is not right
in the world,
you know.
There are thousands upon thousands upon thousands
of children who live without parents.
A pandemic killing a whole generation.
No. All is not right.
Even as I sit here in my warm house
with my cupboards full of food
and my gas tank full of $4.00 a gallon gas.
All is not right.
As my children earn high marks at school
and excell in their extracurricular pursuits.
As we debate whether to get the
37 inch or the 42 inch flat screen.
As I rearrange my week so I can find time
to get to the sale at Nordstroms.
All is not right.
We consume dreadfully more than is our fair share.
While others die hoping.

So I struggle.
I struggle with the imbalance.
And I struggle with knowing a child of my heart is on the other end of the scale.
Along with hundreds of thousands of other children.
Hundreds of thousands.
What are we doing?
What have we been doing while the inequity grew to these proportions?
Putting our sermon outlines on powerpoint.
And recarpeting because there are too many coffee stains.
Buying newer, more comfortable seating for our fat asses.
Building bigger churches...

All is not right in the world.
And I live with that knowledge - right in the forefront of my mind now.
I cannot push it aside.
I cannot pretend it doesn't disturb me to the very depths of my heart.
And I cannot quite figure out how to live with it...
So I struggle.
Because all is not right in the world.


  1. I struggled with this very issue myself. As our church just went through a multi-million dollar expansion, I kept wondering if that money could not have been better spent reaching out to the poor, sending missionaries to places clamouring for the gospel, or starting new churches. At some point I had to let it go because it bothered me too much. But you are right, all is not right in the world.

  2. corey5:48 PM

    Hey...whatcha doing stealin' my lines...hehe..

    Right with you and fervently praying that you will find the radical middle in all this - it is okay to let that pendulum swing and hit a few fat well as see some hearts set on fire to do something -ANYTHING...

    Crying out with you and believing that we can change the world in little bits by our cry and our "Fasting" - met a lady the other day who came to our store to encourage us - she has been "fasting" shopping for clothes this year - but she will be back - she was instantly my friend...

    the church thing - well I have kind of given up - BUT I am sure that God hasn't - He's really good about that - so I leave it in His hands and find my church in parking lots and by the river or in my living room or at the tea house...just keeps me soft to people which is what I understand the church to be anyways - I think we have been confused the last 2000 years - not that simple, I know...wish it could be.

  3. Anonymous9:34 PM

    Cathy - God is in control.... It might be rough - but ultimately God wins! Take a deep breath and enjoy what God has given you.... Blessed to be a blessing....

  4. Anonymous10:21 PM

    All will never be alright until God once again decides it is time.
    He is allowing all of this for a purpose although it is hard for our minds to understand.
    We have to just do what God calls us to and try to get our focus in the right spot. Our country is so blind to the rest of the world.
    Everything we have - very little of what we really need but that is our world and it is hard not to get caught up into it unless we go thru something like you have experienced and know the pain of having someone you love living in those situations.
    Will be praying for you and the balance you need to do what you can but yet not lose sight of where God has put you and why He has you there.

  5. But, that's the point.
    You and I, living with a heart broken by the mess. We do what we can, but mostly we ache. The church is limping along, and the world suffers, because this is not our home.
    It turns our hopes and our hearts Godward.

  6. What can we do, Cathy?
    In all seriousness, I wonder what I as a person can do that will truly help and make a difference.
    Because this has been on my mind, too.
    You did something really special and made a difference in Tejan's life.
    I hope you can take comfort in that because you did do something. You helped Tejan and gave him so much!

  7. amen
    and it will not be ALL ok in this world.
    but it will be in the next.
    I cling to that desperately with my faith and still my heart aches too.

  8. Anonymous7:03 PM

    A theory or system of social organization based on the holding of all property in common, actual ownership being ascribed to the community as a whole or to the state - equal possessions.... it's called communism.... (and with it - no religion).

  9. Oh good grief, I'm not asking for all property in common - or total equality. I'm asking that those of us with WAY more than we could ever need - with storage units full of crap - and so much waste it's sinful - I'm asking US to consider what WE can do. I'm asking myself how I can live more simply so I can share my resources with those who have so little - with those whose basic needs go unmet...

    Sheesh. To read my broken heart for the poor as a call toward communism is just about as rididulous as it gets, oh anonymous one...

  10. Run to your Netflix account Instant Watch web page and select "What Would Jesus Buy". I'm an hour into the mockumentary and it is very interesting. I think everyone needs to watch this movie and then ask themselves some good questions about our NEED to BUY.

  11. Anonymous10:56 PM

    There are things we can do.
    Get debt free, allowing us to use more of our income to help others.

    Take advantage of groups like Christian Children's Fund, that support children around the world with education/clothing/needs. Only $24/month to help one child.
    I am supporting a little boy in Africa, much like little Tejan. I get letters from him and his family every few months. It encourages me to help more. Being debt-free allows me to sign up to help more children.
    There are other groups, also.
    $24 a month!!! How many of us waste that on junk we don't need, each month? Speak out my friend.
    Really! Speak Out!!!


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