Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Track Meet #3

I'm loving track meets.
Never went to one in all my four years of high school... but I love watching this kid run.
He ran a 5:49 mile today. A personal best.
Love seeing him improve - and having fun.
I've never been a runner, so I find it fascinating, watching him enjoy it. So glad he was willing to try it... I never thought he would be an athlete... but he is. So cool.


  1. Don't you love getting all wrapped up in the kid's lives and activities? I think it's so much fun!

  2. 5:49?! wow! pretty impressive. (very impressive, actually!)

    i've been running again after many, many years, but i won't tell you what my average mile is!

    (been "lollyblogging" around lately without commenting, i hope you are hanging in there!)



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