Monday, June 02, 2008

I believe in love.

We had such a great weekend.

It began with a wedding rehearsal dinner on Friday night for a couple Asia and I have been mentoring. They asked Asia to help officiate the wedding, which gave him the opportunity to tell a little bit of their story and also to lead the bride's daughter and the groom through a set of promises to each other. The wedding itself was a complete tear jerker, full of wonderful examples of God's provision and grace. I am so happy for them.

After we got home from the reception, we welcomed Asia's foster Dad to our home. He was coming to Spokane to introduce his girlfriend to us and seek our blessing on his intention to pursue marriage. We spent all of Sunday with Warren and Mary and the whole family absolutely fell in love with her. It's so fun to see Warren, at 70, giddy with infatuation. What a treat to be included in the short list of people who get this special introduction. Looks like we'll be heading to Santa Barbara this summer for a wedding... hooray!

Weddings and talk of weddings always make me ponder my own marriage. We're going through a bit of a rough patch lately as I struggle through my grief over Tejan... I'm not quite sure who God is making me to be right now, and that unsettled heart often comes out in not-so-pretty ways with my husband. Unfortunately, he bears the brunt of my confusion and unsettledness... but he is always patient. Always kind. He always loves me. I am so blessed.

So this weekend was good for me. Good to see new love. Good to appreciate our old love. Good to see God working in people - bringing them together.

It's good.

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