Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My city slickers

When we were in Montana over Memorial Day weekend, Asia wanted to drive out to the house his Grandmother used to live in. He and his older brother and sister lived with her for awhile when Asia was a preteen, and his first happy childhood memories took place there.

It took awhile to find it, but eventually, he recognized the house across the street, which belonged to a family called the Millers. As we pulled into the driveway, Asia assured me that Mr. and Mrs. Miller would remember him... I saw a little lady sitting at her kitchen table with rollers in her hair and hoped so. This was Montana, after all, and I was pretty sure Mr. Miller owned a gun.

Sure enough, as Asia and his sister Fawn walked up to the doorway, they were greeted by the Millers with big hugs and the expected "Look at you - all grown up!"

These wonderful, gracious people walked Asia and Fawn around their property, showing them things that had changed and things that had not... they even called across the street to the woman who now owns their grandmother's house and asked if we could come over so they could walk the property there...

After we got back from the grandmother's side of the road, Asia remembered that Mr. Miller taught him how to ride a dirt bike, all those years ago. With a little poking around, he discovered that Mr. Miller had a four-wheeler... and proceeded to ask if the kids could have a little ride around the property.

Now, my kids live in the city. There are no dirt bikes or ATVs around here. I'm pretty sure none of them have ever ridden on one.

But within twenty minutes, Mr. Miller had all three of them driving that silly thing around his property like they'd been doing it all their lives. Reminded me of my childhood, driving my Grandpa's old Honda three-wheeler around out at the dam he was caretaker of... good times. It was great to see the kids experience the thrill of acceleration and the power of being in command of their very own little vehicle. I don't think we'll be buying ATVs any time soon, but I'm happy they got to try one on for size.

Thanks, Mr. Miller!
(Even Asia and I took a little spin. Scary!)


  1. Great photos. I love the one of you and Asai. You look just about Savannah's age! Just likd a kid.

  2. Looks fun!
    The Millers sound like good people :0)


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