Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tuesday Ten - first summer edition

  1. Yesterday was our first official day of summer vacation. Can you say perfect? Sunny and warm, a relaxing morning, a picnic lunch... this is exactly what summer is all about.
  2. Kyler went golfing with some buddies yesterday and had a blast. It was a par 3 course. His score for 18 holes? 127. I don't think he'll get any golf scholarships... but I'm glad he had fun.
  3. With camp and friends and jobs, it feels like Kyler isn't going to be around as much this summer as I'm used to... yesterday it was golf, today it's a yard work job... I miss him when he's not here - but I suppose it's just the beginning of him stretching his teenager wings and I should just enjoy when he is here. Nobody told me it would be this hard to let him grow up...
  4. Asia's in Kentucky this week. He's in a little town called Owensborough (or something like that) - stuck in an office from morning 'til night reading cases. Not exactly a fun sight-seeing trip. They didn't even let them out for dinner and instead brought dinner in so they could work through... It's good experience for him, but it sure sounds boring.
  5. My kitchen has one whole corner with boxes piled high - full of stuff gathered by our elementary school for Children of the Nations... the student cabinet wanted to do a project in honor of Tejan, and decided to gather Smile Packs. We'll be driving everything over to the COTN offices next week and then they'll send oodles of school and hygiene items over to Sierra Leone for Tejan's school and the surrounding villages. I'm so proud of the response we got - we have such an awesome school community.
  6. Savannah and Ethan and I went to the library yesterday and found oodles of books for our summer reading pleasure. I think I'm most excited to read this one with them.
  7. All 3 kids went to the orthodontist yesterday. The verdict? One doesn't need anything, one needs a full set of braces and one needs a retainer. Thank goodness for good insurance... we have a pretty low copay for ortho... considering what most people have to pay. And hey - at least Kyler gets to avoid the whole process...
  8. A new outdoor waterpark opened just a few miles from our house and the kids went on Saturday with Asia. It got good reviews and I'm looking forward to spending some lazy summer afternoons reading in the shade while the kids play in the water. The great thing - it's only a $5 admission park - so we can afford to go more often than the $15 parks we've got nearby.
  9. Summer finally came to the inland northwest. Which means I've got to start watering. Oh, for a sprinkler system... I totally covet my neighbors automatic sprinklers.
  10. After our trip to the library, we decided we needed some new bookmarks. Out came all my fun (but old) scrapbooking supplies and we went to town making a whole gaggle of new page keepers. Love it when the kids and I can create stuff together...


  1. Sign me up for the waterpark days. Since I won't have any kids here for six weeks, I can pretend I own yours.

  2. LOVE your bookmarks. So you must have put down the crochet hook for a few minutes to whip this out!


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