Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Tuesday. Ten.

  1. Nine days of school left. Yippee!
  2. I'm currently doing Weight Watchers to take off some extra winter padding... and also to get my lifetime membership, which is a goal in my '40 things to do before I'm 40' book. I lost 5.6 pounds my first week! Yippee!
  3. Lots to do today. I really don't like running errands.
  4. I found myself crying three times lately telling people about the whole Tejan experience. It's so strange to talk about it in the past tense... and so amazing to me how fresh the wounds remain. I wonder when I'll be able to talk about him without crying.
  5. Speaking of Tejan, I did hear a report on him. He's apparently doing fairly well with his transition back, but he 'still has a lot of america in him.' And I guess all the kids in the home are now calling everything 'cool.'
  6. I made banana bread last night. I sure hope the kids are enjoying it, because it doesn't really fit into my Weight Watchers plan... no banana bread for me.
  7. New favorite CD? Sara Bareilles. Wow, this girl can sing.
  8. I've got sunflower seedlings ready to go into the ground... now if I can just find the umph to get outside and clean out the flowerbed where they need to go... I hate weeding. But I love sunflowers. Maybe tomorrow. Yes. Tomorrow.
  9. I'm still crocheting up a storm... I'm on my second scarf and am looking for an easy afghan pattern to tackle next, I think. There's something about the simple repeptive nature of the stitches that brings me so much comfort. I'm not scrapbooking at all. But I sure am crocheting.
  10. Want to know your 'color personality?' I had fun taking this quiz this morning. I'm 'Al Fresco' and "Leather, Stone and Wood.' Who knew?

Happy Tuesday, friends. Smooches to you all.


  1. i'm desert spice and al fresco :)

  2. Morning Rose and Pop Art.
    Hi Cathy!

  3. I need to do a list of 40 things to do before I am 40. I guess i am still a bit in denial that it is coming. Love your Tuesday 10.


  4. Haven't sent you a comment in awhile...but couldn't resist today.....I know you are my sister on another coast...I am rejoining WW this weekend....because I want to be healthier at 40 than I am at 39 1/2....I have hated running errands my whole life...my husband can attest to how "testy" I get with all that in and out of the car.....I love to bake...and am in the midst of crocheting to keep my hands busy! And like you, second to baking/cooking in my kitchen..the repetition calms me...
    THanks for sharing today!


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