Sunday, June 15, 2008

Underneath all it's soft, fluffly, fuzzy cuteness, your cat is really ugly.

And here's how I know:

My neighbors have allergies or something.

So all their animals are hairless.

I hardly ever see them (the pets, not the neighbors.) But today, this one (pet, not neighbor) was sneaking around my backyard.

In the spirit of maintaining a shred of decorum and good neighborliness, I'll hold back.

But I will say this: that's one very hairless cat.


  1. corey2:21 PM absolutely scary lookin' - for me this is like a dream gone wrong - does their skin really sag like that?....eeewwww.

  2. Scary is also the thought that came to my mind. That 4th picture - whew - the wrinkly skin and all. Poor thing!

  3. weird. just weird.

  4. I don't really think my Chester would be that ugly even if he didn't have hair BUT I may be wrong !

  5. I love your new look! Red is so vibrant.
    That cat is freaky! That isn't normal....


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