Friday, July 04, 2008

4th of July on bikes

We took the kids to north Idaho to try our first leg of the Trail of the Couer D'Alenes.
Eventually, we'd like to bike the whole trail, so we thought it best to start at the west end, so we could make our way to the next access point... then next time we'll start there and continue east until eventually we've ridden the whole trail in short do-able segements.
Little did we know, the 7.2 miles we chose to ride was all downhill one way, and of course, all uphill on the way back.
So while we rode almost 15 miles, those last 7.2 miles were a KILLER.
It's a converted railway trail, so the grade was gradual. But it was also long. Literally almost all 7 miles were uphill.
But we made it. And thankfully we'd packed a nice big picnic which was waiting for us back at the car.
We all felt like we accomplished a great feat. And we had lots of fun and saw gorgeous scenery along the way.
Now we're off to some friends' house for fireworks and a 4th of July sleepover.
Good times..

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  1. hey i was just brownsing around n saw ur blog... haha lol i took time to read the post about the riding... ewww i confess I felt tired in your place when you wrote that u had forgotten you guys had to ride all the way back uphill!.lol cool pics! sorry for the invasion


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