Wednesday, July 02, 2008

I think maybe I'm going to go to Africa

So after our little visit to the COTN offices, Asia and I have been talking.

And he really wants me to go to Africa soon. He's the one who hears my heart best, and he seems to understand my need to go and see.

There's a huge part of me that is:
  • first of all - terrified at this prospect.
  • secondly - worried the kids would be upset, since we've always talked about going as a family
  • lastly - TERRIFIED.
But here's the deal. I talked with the right people at COTN, and was totally blown away by their willingness to help us with raising support for our family trip. And prayerfully, I believe we'll be able to go as a family in maybe a little over a year.

But I can't really imagine waiting a whole year.

Can you imagine not seeing one of your children for over a year?

Perhaps going (on a COTN sponsered 'Vision Trip') will help give my brokenness some focus. A direction. A clearer understanding of what God is trying to do with my heart.

So I'm praying. And filling out an application. And praying. And trembling a little bit.

Can you imagine?


  1. Oh, I'm praying for you Cathy!
    I understand your anxiety completely, but it sounds like an amazing opportunity!
    And no, I definitely could not wait over a year.

  2. amy k7:43 AM

    Wow, Cat! That is exciting! I will look forward to hearing what God decides to do with this. Glad you are staying cool...I definitely can relate to any excuse that keeps me from having to organize stuff for a garage sale. Ugh. Lots of work.


  3. Can you imagine not seeing one of your children for over a year?

    Yeah, actually I can.

  4. Anonymous11:41 AM

    I'm with Corey. You won't regret it.

  5. .tawnya.6:28 AM

    GO!!! Dont look back!!! Fill your soul with the Father's goodness! What an opportunity!


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