Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Ten things I really should be doing besides blogging

  1. I need to mop the kitchen. It's been really hot here, which means Gracie has been drinking tons of water, which means there's tons of doggie slobber on the floor. I know. Gross.
  2. I have a class tonight that requires a handout with diagrams and written instructions. It's not going to make itself, but I just haven't been able to bring myself to start it yet.
  3. The sheets have finished washing and I need to take them outside to the clothesline to dry. I love air dried sheets.
  4. I told the kids we were going to start organizing things in our basement storeroom for a garage sale. I should be all over this one, since it's a good 10 degrees cooler in the basement. But I'm feeling hung up because I know I don't have enough boxes to accomplish what I want to. Am I the only person who gets paralyzed by lame excuses?
  5. My hair has been air drying for an hour or so. I should go do something with it. It's a fuzzy mess.
  6. The table needs to be wiped from the graham cracker and pudding snack that Savannah and Ethan just ate.
  7. I'm supposed to email a recipe to a friend... got to get to that today.
  8. I have layouts that need to go into an album I just brought home from the store last night.
  9. The sink is full of dishes.
  10. I need to figure out what I'm feeding my family for dinner tonight. I have the added challenge of not wanting to turn on the oven because it's so hot... and a husband who doesn't like salad. My next husband will like salad. It'll be a requirement.

Happy Tuesday, friends!

I'm off to get something done!


  1. Anonymous12:04 PM

    Ten things I should be doing besides ready Cathy's Blog.
    1) Eating Lunch
    2) Responding to important e-mails
    3) Paying the water bill
    4) Finishing a report for work
    5) Practicing my putting skills
    6) Telling my wife I love her
    7) Mowing the lawn
    8) Working on my tan
    9) Commenting on Mom's blog from yesterday
    10) Trimming nose hair

  2. Ten things I SHOULD have done today.
    1. Vacuumed the living room rug.
    2. Finished my flipchart for my Thursday mtg
    3. Worked in the garage to make room for a garage sale in a few weeks.
    4. Been sorting things to put in the garage sale.
    5. Finished the scrapbook page we started in class last night.
    6.Changed the sheets on the bed.
    7. Weeded the flower beds.(EEKS - that one is really overdue.
    8. Organized the photos from our vacation I got back yesterday so I can get them in my album.
    9. Folded the laundry
    10. Filled m bird feeder. (they eat me of house and home)

  3. #4 sounds incredibly familiar to me!


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