Thursday, August 28, 2008

Going to Africa.

So my trip to Sierra Leone is definitely happening.

I go in on Wednesday to get my shots. Yellow Fever. Typhoid. Hepatitis A and B.


I can't tell you how settled my heart is, knowing I'll get to see T. in his home.

Having the opportunity to meet his friends and eat his food and see his life is so huge for me.

I'll be there for a full week, with five full days of traveling.

And here's where you come in...

I never imagined I would ever ask you, my faithful blog readers, for anything except comments.

But I have to raise funds to help pay for this trip.

As you can imagine, a plane ticket to Africa is expensive. (Around $2400 expensive...)

I've been saving money since January for our family to be able to go see T. We're still hoping to go in 2009...

But I don't even have enough yet to pay for my own trip. In addition to my plane ticket, I have other expenses to cover as well, so my total for the trip will be around $3500.

So I wanted to give you the opportunity to give.

And hey, it's tax deductible!

If you're interested, I'd love an email from you letting me know.

I'll pop a letter off to you and tell you how you can donate.

And I'm in a bit of a hurry, too. So if you're interested, could you let me know ASAP?

It feels so awkward to ask.

But so many of your were such a huge support to me as I walked through the journey of falling in love with my little boy from Africa... I wanted to give you the chance to support me in a new way.

You can email me at: cathygoestoafrica at

Thanks, friends.

(And if you can't give or choose not to and you just want to receive prayer letters and requests, let me know that too.)


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  1. Cathy,
    We are so excited for you...
    When is the trip actually planned?
    We will be in touch.


I love it when people talk back...