Tuesday, August 12, 2008


  1. Remember how excited I was to enjoy the cool weather at the beach? I was just as glad to get back to Spokane to enjoy what's left of summer. We had cool, cloudy weather the whole week we were at the coast and only saw the sun peek out two or three times the whole time. It didn't spoil our vacation, but I'm glad I could come back to some warmth and sunshine... I'm not ready for summer weather to end.
  2. I'm all alone in my house this week. The kids stayed behind at Grandma's house and Asia is working out of town this week. So it's me and Gracie. Can you imagine? I haven't had the house to myself for this long EVER! It's strange and quiet and wonderful and weird. And quiet.
  3. Our friend Jay took care of the dog while we were gone. She got to go live at his house with 5 other 20-somethings and slobber all over their stuff. She always worries herself sick when we're gone and this trip was no exception. Fortunately, I've got medicine I can give her that helps get her tummy back to normal after a couple of days... poor dog. Poor me - the gas coming out of her is almost unbearable. It's like living with a skunk.
  4. The boss is on vacation this week so I'm working three full days at the store and teaching three classes. Nothing like diving right back into it, eh? It's good though... I've got oodles of class samples to get done and I can usually accomplish quite a bit in between customers... can you believe I'm already working on Christmas projects in my head? Yikes.
  5. I made Amish Baked Oatmeal for breakfast one morning at the beach house. Can you say yum? Seriously. Just try it. You'll be so glad you did. It's SO good.
  6. I'm reading Unchristian right now. Wow. What an eye opener. Anyone who's interested in culture and Christianity needs to read this book. I'm saddened and motivated by it in such a powerful way...
  7. My kitchen counter is full of fruit from my favorite summer fruit stand. Peaches, blueberries, apples, tomatoes, cantaloupe. Can summer last longer, please?
  8. Savannah's MP3 player went through the washer at the beach house. It didn't work for 5 days, but when we got home and plugged it into the charger, it magically came on and is now working just fine. She's a lucky girl. I have a strict "go through your own pockets" policy for the laundry so I don't have a lot of sympathy for my kids when stuff goes through the wash. I wash, dry, and fold it all, so it's the least they can do to be responsible for their own pockets...
  9. I watched Atonement last night. Hated it. I should have watched the Olympics instead. At least they keep me awake...
  10. Happy Tuesday, friends. Smooches!


  1. At least you wash their laundry. I quit a few months ago. You're a good mom. Welcome home. I must tell you I cried (a lot) when the team from Sierra Leone came into the stadium during the opening ceremonies.

  2. Great list, how novel to be alone in the quiet for a whole week. I miss getting things (scrapping) done while working at the store.
    I love the summer fruit too, it is about all I'm hungry for right now.
    I have a "check your own pockets" rule too... although right now I also have a "do all the hauling and sorting and folding" rule. :) ;)
    Poor Gracie, I hope she feels better soon.

  3. Grandma3:33 PM

    Guess what? My house is not quiet this week : ) But we are loving it!
    Sunday afternoon we walked on one of Warrentons newest trails that we hadn't taken yet and had a hamburger at Dairy Maid.
    Monday we rode the trolley with Grandpa, then went school clothes shopping and had a stop at Danish Maid Bakry for goodies. Got some great bargains at Penny's - saved $90 bucks from full price on all their clothes. Then we went to the Maritime Museum.
    Today we all three went out to the animal shelter and played with the kittys for two hours.
    Tomorrow we go over to Jackie and Chris's to play with their kittys before we head to Longview to pick up Kyler.
    Here's to a quiet house Cathy....ENJOY


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