Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wednesday Ten because Tuesday came and went before I realized it...

  1. I drove back to the west side over the weekend... I had a work-related event to attend and I had to pick up the kids from my parents. It was a great weekend. I attended classes all day on Sunday with my boss - making lots of fun projects and getting to play with all kinds of new products. My folks were kind enough to drive the kids up to Vancouver (WA) on Monday so we could leave from there instead of going all the way to Astoria to get them.
  2. My favorite new stuff? Cosmo Crickets Mr. Campy and Haunted lines. Oh dear. I simply must have it all... We made the cutest little mini album with Mr. Campy...
  3. It's so good to have the kids home. As much as a quiet, empty house sounds lovely, it's pretty boring. I missed them more than I imagined I would and am so glad to have them home.
  4. Grandma and Grandpa spoiled them fully while they were there, taking them to museums and out for hamburgers and to two different bakeries and to Starbucks and buying them new school clothes and going camping in the RV overnight... the kids had a blast. And I'm sure my parents are in recovery mode this week after a very full and noisy and busy week last week. I'm so thankful for the week's worth of memories stored up in the kids' minds... that's what childhood is for, eh? Good stuff.
  5. School starts two weeks from yesterday. Summer went WAY too fast this year. I'm really hoping to fill up the next 13 days with lots of fun activities and rest and relaxation and drinking in my kids... I can't seem to get enough of them these days.
  6. My friend Suzanne turned me on to this artist... I'm fascinated and intrigued and want to move to London so I can find one of these teeny tiny vignettes...
  7. It was 110 degrees as I drove through the Columbia River Gorge on Saturday... today it's cool and rainy. Talk about extremes. The kids and I got to watch a fantastic four hour long thunderstorm on our drive home Monday. At one point we were racing and dodging dozens of tumbleweeds rolling down the freeway, being blown by the wind almost as fast as we were. So cool. I love interesting weather and the change of seasons.
  8. Making me happy right now? My two oldest kids sleeping in while Ethan lies on the floor next to me setting up his army men in an elaborate battle. Love how this kid can play alone for hours like that. He's always done that. The other two never did - they always wanted a playmate - but E. can entertain himself with a bucket of 'guys' and be happy for the longest time. And he's quiet... whispering little shooting sounds and 'Ughhhhhhh' as soldiers meet their demise... it's a sweet remnant of little boy-ness that I'm holding tight to as my kids seem to be outgrowing childhood and moving on to young-adulthood. I love who they're becoming, but I sense the need to cherish my little guy more than ever... because before I know it, the army men will be put away and he'll be leaving the house as often as the older two and I'll find myself wondering what happened to my babies...
  9. On my nightstand right now? This and this and this. Am I the only weirdo who reads several books at once?
  10. Happy Wednesday, friends. Smooches!


  1. I too read several books at once, you'll have to tell me what you think of the Merton. I could have written #8, I'm holding on oh so tightly to the last signs of childhood.
    I'm glad they had a fun week and that now they are home, summers are so fun. Ours is over, school started today.
    I too love those lines, I want to make a book to take camping with the Mr. Campy, but can't decide how to "weather-proof" it. Thoughts or suggestions on that?

  2. I am always reading at least 2-3 books at once! I can't help myself.
    I have been hearing so many people say it, and I've been saying it myself - this summer did go by way to fast!!
    Love that little people blog. Lots of fun!


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