Thursday, September 18, 2008

Flashback Friday

5th grade.

I played the clarinet.

And apparently I was good.

Because I got to stand in the back of the band and play a duet with my friend Lana, who played the flute.

I also had some screamin' socks, which looked particularly good with my white cork heeled sandals.

And that A-line ruffled skirt? Wowza.

Fashion aside, what I really want to tell my fifth grade self is to stand up straight. Why am I hunched over so? I look like an old man...

(Watch for Flashback Friday on a more regular basis, because I just found time to go through old photo albums this week... and I scanned a bunch of winners like this one... Hooray for Flashback Friday!!!)


  1. I think you look really cute. You are just bending over to see your music.

  2. I will forever remember you as a cheerleader....



I love it when people talk back...