Friday, September 19, 2008


The kids and I grew sunflowers this year. We've grown them before, but it's been years... they're blooming in all their glory right now.

I love them.


  1. They are beautiful, Cathy I love sunflowers too.
    I bought a pot full last year and they were gorgeous but they didn't last long even planted in the pot. Hope yours are still blooming when we get there in October.

  2. Andi Fishlock6:25 AM

    Love them! So pretty. Something about the face of a sunflower that just makes me smile. :-) Also reminded me that this is the first year in awhile I never got my seeds in!
    Hope you are enjoying all the little birds that love to snack on those seeds!

  3. Beautiful! Every year I say I'm going to plant some, and every year I don't!

    Hopefully, next year for sure!

  4. Anonymous10:21 PM

    I just heard the low in Spokane lately was at freezing. Yikes, those days are coming quickly.
    Hope all those pretty flowers you have survive for a while longer.


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