Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Confession Wednesday

I once forgot about a baby shower.

That's sort of bad.

But not nearly as bad as forgetting it when it's supposed to be at your house.

Yes. I did.

We went out to dinner as a family and when we got home, there were all sorts of cars out front... waiting and wondering why no one was answering the door.

The house wasn't clean.

I had no tasty treats prepared to serve to the guests.

I was a loser of the worst kind.

Seriously. Who felt terrible? Me. There's just no making up for something like that.

I was reminded of this today because I got stood up by a friend for coffee this morning.

When I finally connected with her after several phone messages back and forth, she was simply dying of embarrassment for forgetting me.

I set her mind at ease with my baby shower story. So far, it's about the worst social faux pas I've heard of .

How about you? Can you top my Wednesday confession?

I dare you to try.


  1. Nope, I can't top that is the worst I have ever heard...ever.

    Seriously. When did you realize? The cars...after everyone came in? Did you let them in? Did you drive away? I would have...

    I called my neighbor Cathy for a couple years...we were acquaintances...talked about kids, jobs, pets, yardwork, etc.
    Then another neighbor told me her name was DEBBIE...
    not as bad as the shower but somewhat uncomfortable - still to this day I am unsure if it is cathy or debbie....but I don't live there anymore (out of sight - out of mind)

  2. I've been stood up for coffee and dinner. I am very trusting. But sometimes it works out and plans that were made 8 weeks in advance go off fine without a confirmation call two days ahead...

    I did forget about the 9AM repairman once and was completely embarrassed that I hadn't showered or even tried to make the house look presentable. But the baby shower- yikes. Were you not very close to the expectant mama?

  3. i need to know what happened! did you have the party anyway? reschedule? was the mama upset?

  4. Susie, she was a girl from a bible study I was in. I don't know what happened. We set the date and obviously, I either never got it on my calendar, or I just didn't look at my calendar. For like a week. Or something. It's so shameful.

    Mindy, we went ahead with the shower. I think maybe Asia ran to the store and bought a couple of pies and I threw on a pot of coffee. It wasn't pretty. I'm pretty sure your mother-in-law was there... she probably thinks I'm the worst person in the world after that.

  5. Lorraine10:42 AM

    I forgot to pick up my kids from school on more than one occasion when they were in grade school. I'd get a call from the school asking if someone was coming to pick up my kids. Probably happened about 5-10 times. Worst mother award may go to me. Worst baby shower hostess may go to you.
    No problem about the blinds. I understand completely.

  6. amy k2:38 PM

    I was supposed to sing the national anthem for the "Omak Stampede and *World Famous* Suicide Race" but showed up for the second show an hour late...unbeknownst to me! I was horrified. They had to play a record that skipped through the entire song...I still have nightmares about that. Not sure that tops the baby shower, though! Glad to see that you've recovered from it and are still so well-adjusted, Cat. Funny story!! PS Thanks for the coffee coupon!!

  7. Chrissy2:17 PM

    Oh my goodness Cathy. That totally cracks me up!!!

    ps-- Can you come to Illinois and meet me for coffee??


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