Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Six days and counting...

I sent this email to my supporters and wanted to include it here for those of you whose email addresses I do not have... you have all supported me so much in this journey - it is only fitting to share this on the blog.

"Dear friends,

I wanted to take some time to write to all of you who have shared interest, offered prayers and donated funds for my trip to Sierra Leone.

I will be leaving Tuesday, November 18th. The first flight (Spokane to Seattle) leaves at 6:00 am. My arrival time in Sierra Leone will be 10:45 am pacific time (6:45 pm Sierra Leone time) on Wednesday the 19th. Yes - that's 28 hours of straight travel time. I only have about 7 hours of total layover time in three different airports - so a full 21 hours will be in the air.

I covet your prayers for good rest as we travel. Because of circumstances beyond my control, the length of time we get to stay in Sierra Leone has been shortened to only five days. A huge concern for me is that I can avoid jet lag as much as possible so I can make the most of every moment I get in-country. Please pray for supernatural strength to withstand the exhaustion that can come with this kind of travel. I so long to be able to be fully engaged and awake for the short time I get there. I know that God can sustain me and give me the energy to make it through all the airports and take offs and landings and time in the air. I'm not a huge fan of the logistics of traveling - so pray for my attitude and my relationship with my other team members - that our time traveling would be encouraging to all of us.

Obviously, there are huge heart issues for me to consider as well. Seeing Tejan again will undoubtedly re-open barely healed wounds in my heart as I revisit the bond we share. I know God will most likely be breaking my heart again as I open myself up to this continent I've been praying for daily since 2005. I'm am overwhelmed by the opportunity to finally set foot on African soil. I'm brought to tears just writing about it. My prayer is that God will use my time there to clearly define what it is He wants to do with my heart for Africa. Please join me in that prayer.

I would also ask you to pray for my return. Not that I make it back (although you can certainly pray for that) but that my re-entry to this life I lead in america would not be disheartening. I have often wondered why God waited until I was almost 40 to take my heart to Africa, when I have obvious and huge responsibilities to my family here and now. I trust God's timing, but I don't understand it completely. What can I do for Africa as a middle aged housewife and mother to three kids who still very much need me? What does a woman in my position do with a heart broken over the needs of this huge continent? I don't really know - but I anticipate my heart feeling all the more torn after I've seen Tejan again and actually breathed the air and walked the paths of Africa. Please pray for me as I walk this journey on which I find myself...

I have been so blessed by a large number of people who have expressed interest and given funding for this trip. I am honored to carry a piece of each of you with me as I go. For those of you who personally knew Tejan, I carry your greetings with me and promise to hold him with your arms as I embrace him for the first time in seven months.

Thank you for your prayers. I love and appreciate each and every one of you.

God bless you all,

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  1. Well, that came up fast! Dear friend, I shall cover you in prayer as you go. I suspect you will be a different woman by the time you return. Look at how God is willing to stretch you, when you are willing to be used. How far you've come from an enthusiastic teen in inner city missions. Yet, all the years I've known you, you've been on the frontlines for Jesus. I admire and respect you.


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