Monday, November 17, 2008


I'm leaving for Africa in about 28 hours.

And then I'll spend about 28 hours getting there.

God's been waking me up early for about four days... I've been praying that my jet lag would be minimal - and I think God's trying to answer that prayer by waking me up every day. This morning I woke up at 1:30 - which is 9:30 am in Sierra Leone... I'm planning to go to bed around 5:00 tonight and get up early again tomorrow... and I'm setting my watch (which I need to buy today because I never wear one) to S.L. time as soon as I get up in the morning and praying that I can set my internal clock that way...


I've been a bit of a basket case the last few days. Crying while driving down the road. Forgetting things. Distracted. It's sort of freaky. But to be expected, I suppose. After all, I'm going to Africa.

Ashley (our photographer) dropped off our family pictures the other day (I got a 20 x 30 canvas of my favorite shot) and gave me an awesome photo book of our photo shoot to give to Tejan. She had originally made it to use to show clients what the books are like and decided she wanted T. to have it instead as she was driving over to deliver the canvas. I was moved to tears and so touched by her generosity. It's the perfect gift for him - because it's not something that the other kids will be jealous of and it doesn't single him out the way toys or books or other gifts would. It will only have meaning and value to him. It's just exactly the best thing I could take for him.

I got my in-country schedule on Saturday. It's CRAZY busy - with non-stop activities from sun up to sun down. I'm excited and nervous and a little overwhelmed. I just can't believe I'm actually going to be there. I'll post my activities before I leave so you can be praying specifically.

I'm not taking the computer. There is no internet access. And the facility I'm staying in will very likely not even have a generator - and I don't want to mess with converters and it just doesn't make sense to lug it around the whole time for potential internet access in a couple of airports along the way. I think maybe I'll ask Asia to at least post when I get there (I get to call him when we get to Sierra Leone so he knows I've arrived) so my Mom can rest easier... (love you, Mom!)

So I'll post when I get back. Pictures. Stories. Video.

I can hardly wait.

I'm ready. In my heart and soul I'm just totally READY to do this thing.

I may still periodically start crying, (like now) but I promise, I'm ready. =)

Love you all.


  1. Oh, Cathy, I'm so excited for you. I can't wait to hear about what God does in and through you while you're there.

    (Glad you found my blog, too. I hope I can be even the teeniest bit of the blessing you've been to me.)

  2. Cathy,
    Have a wonderful, life-changing, courage-building trip.

    Thinking of you and the adventures ahead....


  3. Cathy,
    I know you are gone already but just want to thank you for the clock. I Love it.
    Now I can keep up with you while you are gone
    Praying for you daily !


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