Tuesday, December 16, 2008


  1. It's the return of the Tuesday Ten... 'been awhile.
  2. "Diary of Sierra Leone" will return tomorrow. I've been surprised how much emotional energy it takes to write those entries... I just find I can't do it as quickly as I thought I would. It's okay though - the more I drag it out, the more I get to savor the memories.
  3. I finally got some Christmas presents under the tree yesterday. It looks so nice.
  4. Baby, it's cold outside. Like, realllllllly cold. Makes me want to stay inside all the time. Also makes me want to not get the next power bill - the heater is going constantly.
  5. Asia has actually been home the last few weeks. After being gone SO much in October and November, I'm loving his very presence. Together is good.
  6. We had a Christmas party with our small group on Sunday... lots of good food and good fun. I made L'il Smokies wrapped in bacon and baked in a brown sugar glaze... (I know - how healthy!) and I am telling you - they were d.e.l.i.c.i.o.u.s. Decadent, actually. (In a really sick, artery clogging sort of way.) But seriously. Yum.
  7. I made sugar cookies yesterday. They're really the one thing I have to make every Christmas... some years I make fudge, or other kinds of cookies, or peanut butter bars or almond brittle - but EVERY year I make sugar cookies. And the recipe I use (thanks, Mindy!) is SO yummy. They're all baked and waiting for frosting and sprinkles. I think we'll decorate tomorrow night... that's the best part, you know, besides eating them.
  8. Our participation in Advent Conspiracy this year will include wrapping up the money I normally spend on new Christmas jammies for the kids and then letting them choose how they want to give that money away... I'm excited for them to be able to decide - we'll focus on COTN's online gift catalog. It just seems silly to buy new pajamas for all of them just for the sake of tradition when none of them need them... and they've actually agreed!
  9. We're looking forward to calling Tejan on Christmas day...
  10. Happy Tuesday, friends!

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