Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Diary of Sierra Leone - leaving Banta

Knowing we had a LONG drive to get back to Freetown for our flight back to the States, our Monday morning was an early start. I took my last bucket bath, packed up my things (not much, since I never received my luggage!) and had breakfast with the team.

When we went outside to go to the cars, all the children were waiting for us. They postponed school so the COTN kids could say goodbye. They were singing - just like they were when we arrived. I was so sad to leave these precious kids...
Tejan and Mama Josephine had a gift for me - and we had a good 15 minutes to visit while the cars were being packed. Fortunately, my tears seemed to have run out the night before and I managed to keep things light for this last goodbye.
I was already gearing up for the long drive over those horrifically bumpy roads. And I felt myself beginning to process leaving Africa... funny how our brains work us through goodbyes and hellos... I was starting to miss my kids and Asia a lot at this point... and still so sad to leave this new home I had found. I still find myself torn, a month and a half later. I expect I will always live with this... much like my desire for heaven - I am destined to live between two places in my heart.

I don't remember my last words to T. I was desperately trying to avoid losing my composure - I wanted him to remember me smiling. I think I simply said "Bye, T! I love you!" as our cars pulled out of the compound.

I was on my way home.

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