Friday, January 30, 2009

Home from CHA

So I'm back from the Craft and Hobby Association trade show in Anaheim... took lots of pictures and will post some over the next few days.

It was an interesting show. Much, much smaller in terms of vendors and attendees. Felt sort of 'gloom and doomish' as it seemed everyone was talking about manufacturers who didn't show up or companies that had been bought out over the last year only to be dissolved. Case in point: Around the Block, Heidi Grace, Cloud Nine... great companies with innovative products that will be gone in a matter of months. It's an indicator of the greater economy, for sure.

I was talking on the plane on the way home with a man who's in the wholesale nursery business... they're struggling with inventory that was started growing five years ago... a much bigger problem than a few extra sheets of paper... huge trees that no one is buying... living things that were planted when people had much more expendable income. But still - crafting and gardening are similar in that both are soothing, comforting acvitivies - but also luxuries. 'Twill be interesting to see how it all pans out. Hopefully there won't be too many casualties along the way, but I suppose it's inevitable.

I'm not one to go on about the economy... so I'll just stop now and mention how nice it always is to come home. And how much I love all the bodies in this house - furry one included. It's so good to be with my peeps. And my pooch. Love them all.

It's definitely still winter out there. None of those crazy 70's temperatures here. Not until May at least. I did dirnk it in while I was in LA... literally just closed my eyes and soaked it up, face turned toward the sun. It was lovely. But I love Spokane. Even in winter.

Time to get ready for work. Happy Friday, friends.

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