Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I'm simply crazy busy.

The blog is always on the back of my mind...

"must post about E.'s belly button fuzz"
"take pictures of my pretty birthday cards and flowers to share"
"must show everyone the snow that refuses to melt..."

and yet time just hasn't allowed.

Today I am running from one thing to the next - from having kids dropped off here at 7:50 to hang out with my kids until it's time to leave for school because their mom had an early meeting to jetting over to the school to work on the newsletter for a few minutes to driving Ethan up to the north side for an orthodontist appointment then back to the school for a PTG meeting... it's just nuts.

And of course, there are always class projects looming - and another design opportunity I've been given that I'm excited to tell you about that's requiring quite a bit of time right now - and actual teaching and working.

And it's not even spring.

Come spring, I will become immersed in the craziness of track season, preparations for another 6th grade memory book I'm somehow responsible for making for over 80 sixth graders again, and 10 scheduled classes in April...

So I'm again learning how to be prudent and productive with my time. Somehow I never seem to master that one. I'm just a naturally lazy person. I know that about myself. But it doesn't make it any easier to get off the couch...

Had to take a moment to share... now I'm off!

And yes, I really do have a story about belly button fuzz to tell you.


  1. hee hee.. dying to hear the belly button fuzz story.
    I, too, have a natural couch-inclination. :)

    : )

  3. Forget the pictures, just make a pillow with the stuff.


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